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  1. Which is not a demonstration of anything approximating any formal relationship whatsoever to the Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter.
  2. The social identity I share with other people who identity as Utahns is not limited only to those formally elected to represent me or other Utahns in state or federal government.
  3. BLM had kicked Sullivan out well before the Provo incident. He had even moved to Portland, tried to get in with BLM there, and was also kicked out before coming back to Utah. That's when he started up his own organization, "Insurgence USA," which was the group that actually organized the Provo event (BLM was not involved). I'm not aware of any formal connection of any kind between Utah's BLM chapter and Taggart.
  4. I don't claim any affinity for him either, nor do I claim any affinity for our Congressman or our Senators, but with one exception, they all thoroughly embarrass me when they appear in national or international headlines as Utahns doing stupid things. The social identities that we share still exist even if we set ourselves apart in others. I'd suggest if such headlines are not embarrassing because we're happily and unilaterally ensconced on the "other side," we might have identified the root of all this divisiveness.
  5. All atonement models are just attempts to use more basic frameworks we already understand as metaphors for more complex frameworks we don't understand. Nothing is isometric with the actual nature and function of atonement. The best model is whichever model is most meaningful to you and the easiest for you to remember and communicate.
  6. BLM kicked him out long ago because he was always trying to incite violence and always came to everything armed to the gills. He had to start up his own org. The progressive movement in Utah has long been disgusted by his idiocy, and now he's embarrassing the state all over again.
  7. These are very good: https://www.josephsmithpapers.org/articles/new-doctrine-and-covenants-study-resources
  8. I don't think they're exactly synonymous. There's a good case to make that Lehi's "land of inheritance" was outside the city proper. For instance, they "go down" to that land and then "up" to Laban's house, which is described as inside the city walls. That going down and up was conventional when speaking about traveling away from and towards the city of Jerusalem. Nothing in that PDF undermines that understanding. It's really just suggesting if we impose our own contemporary understanding of the prepositions on the text, there doesn't seem to be a difference.
  9. The JST leaves all four gospels with "like a dove." It does not change a single occurrence to "in the form of a dove." Yes, I do what the First Presidency wants me to do. Which is to suggest that the scriptures should themselves contain all corrections to any potential misreadings and misapplications, which is not what the scriptures are for. The Brethren want the scriptures to have a broad range of interpretive possibilities so that they can be a more dynamic tool for guidance and inspiration for all who seek answers in them. They're the ones who delineate the doctrine. They
  10. But the Gospel of Mark absolutely nowhere says the Holy Spirit "appeared in the form of a dove." It seems what you're suggesting I do is use impose what the Book of Mormon says on the Bible, rather than translate what the Bible says. My goal is actually to preserve the differences between the gospels and the Book of Mormon, and even between one gospel and another, because the reality of those differences is a correct concept that I prioritize over the dogma of harmonization. Similarly, in translating the book of Isaiah, I don't replace what the Hebrew manuscripts say with what the Book of Morm
  11. That's a good question. The Greek verb there means to take pleasure or delight in something, or to find satisfaction in something. The idea is that the entity in question brings or causes delight, pleasure, or satisfaction. I wanted to distill that down to something that wasn't reliant on a relative object pronoun combined with a verbal phrase, which in my experience tend to complicate things for children. I've tried to avoid those as much as possible in this translation, and I think my rendering here still largely captures the semantic content of the clause. I'm open to alternative suggestion
  12. Yikes, that was a pretty careless error. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll reconsider wording there, too.
  13. My translation reflects what the Greek says. I suppose the preposition ἐν could be translated "with" for the sake of symmetry, which is precisely how the KJV has it, but I don't see the concern. "In the form of a dove" is also very clearly not in the Greek, and even the KJV has "like a dove" in all four gospels. The only one that's different is Luke, which has "in bodily shape like a dove." Only the CEV and the ISV have "in the form of a dove." I don't understand where you're getting these alternative readings, or why you think they're the "right ideas."
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