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    I enjoy reading historical novels. I also enjoy participating in my local Masonic organizations.

    I get a kick out of speaking Spanish (even though my ability to speak it has substantially deteriorated) and Cherokee (in which language I am nothing more than a novice).

    Aviation intrigues me. I hope to be a pilot before long.

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  1. Conspiracy is the noun form of the verb to conspire. Conspiracies have abounded and will continue to do so; I do believe, however, that they are still far outweighed by false conspiracy theories.
  2. Jajaja yo tuve una experiencia similar en México. Por el sol, yo era más moreno en aquel tiempo, y yo tuve un dominio del español mucho mejor que tengo ahora. Una familia de investigadores de la Iglesia me preguntaron de cuál estado méxicano yo provengo; cuando les dije que soy americano y que no soy de origen látino, se enojaron conmigo por un tiempo porque creyeron que yo mentía.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that in regard to YR out there. I don't have too much experience with its degrees (nothing, in fact, except for receiving them myself, and in group classes to boot), but the Utah community in YR is absolutely fantastic. Your comment that SR is the university of Freemasonry has caused my desire to join SR to increase exponentially.
  4. I had never heard of these courses before, so now I have even more incentive to join the SR! Lately I've been memorizing the EA Lecture as well as the part of Companion Conductor for the Ill. Order of the Red Cross. I'm also trying to get the courses from the York Rite Leadership Training Program done; since the pandemic, they have been offering the first two courses virtually, but the third course apparently must be done in-person. I'm hoping to have the second course complete tomorrow, but since they typically only correspond with York Rite Department Conferences, I'm thinking that it'l
  5. I grew up in Indiana and Tennessee, so I know the dangers of tornadoes all too well. I will do my part by praying; please try to keep safe.
  6. I have read just enough to set conspiracy theorists straight on the portions commonly misquoted or quoted out-of-context, but I haven't yet read it all the way through. I hear that Pike's book Esoterika is better, but I haven't had a chance to read that one at all. What is your opinion on Morals and Dogma?
  7. And that somehow reminded me of this:
  8. No, yo aprendí el español como misionero en el país de México. Pero gracias por el complimento. 😃 ¿Viene Ud. de un país hispánohablante?
  9. That was originally my position as well. Then my in-laws invited us over to watch it, so I didn't pay a penny for it. However, tonight we are making them dinner, so I guess, in a round-about way, I am paying for it with French-dip sandwiches. 🤣
  10. The (now past) grand master whom you referenced just recently gave a 30-minute educational the Grand York Rite of Utah's lecture series about bodies beyond the York Rite, and it was just posted on the YouTube channel of Cryptic Masons International here, if you're at all interested.
  11. Thank you! I consider myself a dog person, but I am allergic to both. 😁
  12. The last movie that my wife and I watched was Raya and the Last Dragon (rated PG for these reasons) starring Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina. The movie played into the importance of family, forgiveness, and trust. It had a few funny moments (my wife found it funnier than I did)
  13. I am currently in the middle of: A Case for the Book of Mormon by Tad R. Callister The Craft: How the Freemasons Made the Modern World by John ****ie Galloway by Louis L'Amour The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie The next books on my list are: The Lost 116 Pages by Don Bradley Abraham's Seed and Covenant: The Story of the Sacred Lineage of the Human Race by Douglas T. Bentley Milo Talon by Louis L'Amour Solomon's Memory Palace: A Freemason's Guide to the Ancient Art of Memoria Verborum by Bob W. Lingerfelt
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