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    I enjoy reading historical novels. I also enjoy participating in my local Masonic organizations.

    I get a kick out of speaking Spanish (even though my ability to speak it has substantially deteriorated), French (amateur student), and Cherokee (in which language I am nothing more than a novice).

    Aviation intrigues me. I hope to be a pilot before long.

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  1. I think that it would be neat if the Moroni statues were still placed on temple grounds (say, in fountains or gardens); but I do understand them being removed from prominent places like the tops of steeples.
  2. The temple in SLC was originally commissioned, built, and owned by the Grand Lodge F&AM of Utah. It was later sold to the local Masonic Temple Association; the Grand Lodge is a tenant there, as are various local lodges and appendant bodies. Its lodge rooms inside are all specifically built for the Craft degrees; SR degrees are often done in its auditorium (it has various backdrops on its stage that are over 100 years-old). I don't have any literature in my physical library concerning alcohol among pre-Columbian indigenes of the Americas, but this is a good resource on the matter; most tribes and cultures did not use alcohol, but some did.
  3. Exactly. Even John C. Bennett, who was a Mason and who was excommunicated from the Church, never published anything to do with stealing from Freemasonry in any of his inflammatory writings against Joseph or the Church.
  4. Thanks, bud! I'll let you know whatever I come across. I hope to join SR here in the next couple of years, just depends on if we're actually opening an AMD chapter here first; but yeah, I've had my eye on those SR courses for quite some time. I do enjoy hearing those conspiracy theories 🤣. You mentioned the SR consistory; are you referring to the Masonic Temple on South Temple Street? I agree that it's gorgeous; I've visited it three times now and I am awestruck every time that I go in. If you ever get a chance to have a tour, I very much recommend it. I'm aware of what's going in YR. It's quite disappointing, to say the least. Hopefully it will not last for too long, whether via the GE correcting itself or via the special conclave that's being called. On a happier note, next month is our YR department conference and I plan on finishing the Leadership Training program there.
  5. Wow! I'm not quite ready to buy yet; I'm currently saving up for another bookshelf and want to make a list of books to fill it over time. I appreciate the offer and, once I've made up my list, I'll reach out to you to see if you have what I'm looking for and if you're willing to part with them. In the meantime, what books in particular would you recommend?
  6. I am currently working on building my physical library. Right now, it is confined to a single bookshelf. Subjects that I am currently focusing on are the Gospel and Church history. In particular, I am working on getting what I can (slowly but surely) from the Joseph Smith Papers. I currently have the first two volumes of Saints. I of course have the Standard Works, have invested in Robert Alter's translation of Genesis (hope to get the rest of his translated works), and have Hugh Nibley's works and History of the Church on my list. Do any of you have any recommendations of other books to invest in concerning the Gospel and Church history?
  7. I think that I missed the other thread referenced by the OP, so I apologize if my reply here does not address the conversation. Symbols are finite and ambiguous; there is no one symbol that, in and of itself, is limited to a sole group or interpretation. Within the Gospel, symbols are used as physical expressions convey eternal principles and to represent covenants made.
  8. Robes aren't found in Freemasonry either; we typically wear suits or tuxes with our Masonic aprons. I have seen robes worn during allegorical plays in Royal Arch Masonry, but I'm not aware of any record of any of the Church's presidents ever having joined the Royal Arch.
  9. At one time, perhaps. However, funeral potatoes are now available across the United States, thanks to Wal-Mart.
  10. At one time, perhaps. However, funeral potatoes are now available across the United States, thanks to Wal-Mart.
  11. He Walked the Americas is a compilation of American Indian oral traditions that seem to be about Christ. From what little I've been able to glean about the author, I do not think that she was a member of the Church.
  12. I had no idea that it used to say this, so you have taught me something new and valuable. Thank you. 🙂
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