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  1. I think he is referring to this current millennium and the temple will continue long into this millennium. As far as temple changes, I believe Pres. Nelson has some changes in store. He has shown us he likes to change things up. I believe it will have something to do with the youth of the church.
  2. The was a really good Mormon Land podcast recently #201 that talks about how changes in the church are affecting members. It provides the perspective of a faithful female member currently living in Saudi Arabia. She paints a picture of how the church is being stripped of its identity, which is stripping members of their identities. She also talks a bit about not using the word Mormon. She said that she only uses the word Mormon. Nobody outside of the high density members areas even knows what The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS is. A few recognize the Mormon church, but most don’t. You can find the episode of Mormon Land on Podcast sites. I thought this episode was particularly informative.
  3. I will miss your thought provoking discussions.
  4. According to LDS teachings and traditions, the Pacific Islanders would also be of Jewish ethnicity. Are these Jewish genetic markers found among the Maori of New Zealand?
  5. I was always taught that the Pacific Islanders were descendants of Hagoth, who left in ships, came back for more people and provisions, left and never returned. This was highly taught by Elder Matthew Cowley of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. He was a prophet, seer, and revelator. https://rsc.byu.edu/book-mormon-alma-testimony-word/hagoth-polynesians
  6. I would really like this to happen as well. Elder Holland has said words before and apologized for them, so there is a chance this could happen. (Ie. When his faith promoting story about the missionary and the biker gang was retracted).
  7. Ahhh, it is likely they are going to add a BYU sports section to the Men’s folder in an effort to make EQ meeting less boring.
  8. There were a few bishops in the news last week being arrested for sexual assault. Was this the one who assaulted a girl at girls camp or a different one?
  9. Katherine, you are great. I concur with you. This has nothing to do with the temple.
  10. Pleas help me understand the issue here? There have always been distinctions between Priesthood and Relief Society. Having it say Men and Women seems about to same, but perhaps easier for some newer members of the church or those non-native English speaking. What am I missing?
  11. Scott, while this may be the real intent of the change, it is not the perception experienced by a broad number of members and non-members. Remember he also banned any books at Deseret Book that had the word Mormon in it. Authors had to change titles or risk the book not being sold there. This certainly shows the deep hatred Pres. Nelson has for the word Mormon. Young people care deeply about perceptions. They don’t want to be perceived to be associated with an organization that does not represent their social beliefs. This is one reason younger folks are distancing themselves from the church and it’s leaders.
  12. You are correct Kenngo. I am referring to President Nelson’s campaign against the use of the word Mormon to refer to the church. Keep in mind the previous campaign a few years prior to promote the use of the word Mormon to refer to the members of the church in the I’m a Mormon campaign.
  13. No, the brethren don’t discourage the use of the word apostate. They actually encourage it and have different meanings for it. When someone is excommunicated for being an apostate, it is being in direct disagreement with “The Brethren”.
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