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  1. This is probably the most disgusting problem with the church. It comes down to the unhealthy need the church has to control human sexuality.
  2. My opinion is around the control aspect. I find nothing wrong with a church teaching values around human sexuality. However, the church takes its control over sexuality to an unnecessary level. Why does the church insist on asking children about sex? It is unhealthy for children. That is the responsibility of parents not the church. The church has to nose its way into everything. What happened to “teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves”? Why does the church insist on asking adults about their underwear habits? It’s really creepy when you think about it....
  3. This is a rogue bishop...the Mormon obsession with control over human sexuality is disheartening in my opinion.
  4. I’ve struggled with the church’s truth claims for some time now. The part of Occam’s Razor is very helpful to me. If there are multiple hypothesis, it is most likely the most simple one that is the answer. With Mormonism, the Mormon choice is rarely the simple solution. For example, the question of who wrote the Book of Mormon is asked. Simple answer: Joseph Smith, et al took ideas and framework from View of the Hebrews and other contemporary works of literature from the time period to write it. Mormon answer: A man named Moroni (originally was Nephi) buries gold plates in a sto
  5. Yes, could have some asparagus incorporated, perhaps some green and red peppers as well.
  6. It will have less broccoli and more turnip, perhaps even parsnip as they are under appreciated root vegetables....
  7. I heard it is going to be online again. I also heard the floral arrangement will be titled “Turnip Salad”
  8. Thanks for sharing this article Daniel2. It was very thought provoking. A thought experiment for each of us. For men: At what point in your life did you make a conscious choice to be attracted to women? For women: At what point in your life did you make a conscious choice to be attracted to men? As a man, I can tell you I never made that choice. There was no choice to make. I am naturally attracted to women. But as Charlie points out in the article, he too did not choose to be gay. He made no choice. His attraction to men is just as natural as my attraction to women.
  9. Sense of Betrayal. That is the reason why former true believing Mormons seek to inform people about the church. In your example of your catholic wife....she didn’t spend her whole life eveloped in religion, seminary for 4 years, two years on a mission, temple marriage, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of time donated to the church....and then you find out the church hasn’t been faithful to you. The church didn’t teach you that Joseph had 14 year old wives, wives that were already married to other living men. The church didn’t teach that instead of using a urim and thumim, he used
  10. I’m simply suggesting, as others on this board have noted, that a new trend seems to be fewer temples have Moroni on top.... https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72788-new-symbol-to-identify-the-church/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-1209968043
  11. So, the Mormons aren’t the only ones to give Moroni the boot...
  12. After the names are submitted online for the prayer roll, does someone cut out the names on paper and put them in the little name satchel? Or, do they keep them electronic and just slide an iPad into the name satchel?
  13. Trying to find the exact location on Earth where the Nephites lived can be an exciting endeavor. It reminds me of my childhood where I read and loved the books by Tolkien. I was fascinated with the Hobbits in particular. I desperately wanted to find where they had once lived in a past time in a place called Middle Earth. This was way before the internet, but I spent time comparing maps of the earth with Middle Earth maps from the books at the library trying to identify the clues of where they might have lived in their rounded huts, dug into berms of earth. Alas, in 2001 when the Fellows
  14. One thing to keep in mind is your son’s happiness. Many people in the church are not happy because they don’t believe and don’t want to leave because of family pressure. And so they stay in a status of misery. I hope your son finds happiness and that you are able to find the peace you need as well.
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