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  1. I have heard some criticize the church for not responding sooner. I’m not sure why simple people expect the church to respond to every event. The church is a corporation (literally). I didn’t read a statement from McDonalds or AT&T on the political violence. Why should the church be obligated to respond? oops, I was wrong. I guess most corporations made a statement. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/amp/financing/mcdonalds-ceo-chris-kempczinski-condemns-attacks-us-capitol https://about.att.com/story/2021/congress_capitol.html
  2. There isn’t much known or discussed on this topic. We have some info from the Temple endowment which seems to indicate Satan derived his power from his multiple priesthood’s.
  3. It comes from his (Satan’s) power and priesthoods.
  4. According to the church handbook of instruction, the new twins would be sealed to your daughter’s first husband, and not her current husband, the father of the children. sounds crazy doesn’t it?
  5. Elder Oaks had a similar question and told the woman simply to trust in the Lord. I’m sure this response will sooth your anguish over this concern. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2019/10/17oaks?lang=eng
  6. Yes, I think LDS folks and the church misrepresent this saying. I think the LDS church blindly believes it has cornered the market for marriage after death.
  7. With the number of sexual abuse cases against the church and leaders and the number of bishops and other leaders arrested for sexual crimes, I have a very hard time believing the church is anywhere near a self proclaimed gold standard for preventing abuse. It is rather a Haven for sexual predators.
  8. I have heard from a number of friends over the years that have complained of this tithing shakedown. It is not uncommon. Some Bishops find it important to ensure no stone is unturned to investigate any potential voluntary donor not donating every dime possible to the Mormon cause / charity.
  9. I am a firm believer that the flood did not happen in the manner described, and that this story is simply an analogy or a parable. Keep in mind that back in those days, someone’s worldview was much different. Their whole world knowledge could be contained in a small geographical area.
  10. I thought Elder Renlund’s video was very well stated and done.
  11. 2BizE

    A power of God

    Did Satan get his power from God in this way? God seems mostly powerful except when it comes to controlling Satan.
  12. Wow. And I always thought it meant “name made up just to impress people into thinking I know Hebrew”
  13. Now that Quacku and friends have made death threats to John Dehlin through Fairmormon, this directly shows the church advocates violence. Thoughts?
  14. I’m in favor of decertification of BYUPD. I think it comes down to trust. The public cannot trust BYUPD to do the right thing. 1) Maddie Barney reported being raped. BYU searches outside agency databases to find the rape report and provide it to BYU honor code office. Ms. Barney was terminated as a student at BYU for being raped. 2) BYUPD failed to perform a robust investigation with corrective action and review as required by all police departments. This formal review wasn’t occurring at all. 3) During the Joseph Bishop case, BYUPD refused to provide requests for information
  15. I agree with you. Trends do not always reflect best logic.
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