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  1. Ahhh, it is likely they are going to add a BYU sports section to the Men’s folder in an effort to make EQ meeting less boring.
  2. There were a few bishops in the news last week being arrested for sexual assault. Was this the one who assaulted a girl at girls camp or a different one?
  3. Katherine, you are great. I concur with you. This has nothing to do with the temple.
  4. Pleas help me understand the issue here? There have always been distinctions between Priesthood and Relief Society. Having it say Men and Women seems about to same, but perhaps easier for some newer members of the church or those non-native English speaking. What am I missing?
  5. Scott, while this may be the real intent of the change, it is not the perception experienced by a broad number of members and non-members. Remember he also banned any books at Deseret Book that had the word Mormon in it. Authors had to change titles or risk the book not being sold there. This certainly shows the deep hatred Pres. Nelson has for the word Mormon. Young people care deeply about perceptions. They don’t want to be perceived to be associated with an organization that does not represent their social beliefs. This is one reason younger folks are distancing themselves from the church and it’s leaders.
  6. You are correct Kenngo. I am referring to President Nelson’s campaign against the use of the word Mormon to refer to the church. Keep in mind the previous campaign a few years prior to promote the use of the word Mormon to refer to the members of the church in the I’m a Mormon campaign.
  7. No, the brethren don’t discourage the use of the word apostate. They actually encourage it and have different meanings for it. When someone is excommunicated for being an apostate, it is being in direct disagreement with “The Brethren”.
  8. These are some excellent questions Navidad. I think mormons generally use the word apostate to mean anyone who does not agree with all aspects of Mormonism or “The Brethren”.
  9. I would agree with your observation that Gen Z and Millennials are leaving the church with increased frequency. There are many ideas around why this is occurring. Here are a few of my ideas: 1) The church has little to offer youth and young adults. In the 70s when I grew up, we had many exciting activities that kept us engaged. Many of those are gone today like Boy Scouts and roadshows. 2) We used to have an identity as Mormon. The anti-Mormon campaign led by President Nelson has been very disruptive to maintaining an identity for youth and young adults. Mormon used to mean something important. Now it means a victory for Satan. 3) Social injustice is a huge motivator for Gen Z/Millennials. They are more observant to this than any other generation. They will not associate with an organization that doesn’t treat gays, minorities, people of color, etc with perceived injustice. 4) I also believe that as the Baby Boomers pass away, a large transition out of the church by Gen X will occur. For many, the church is considered and old person religion. 5) These groups really don’t need religion. For many past generations, church was one of the few ways that adults in particular could associate; could get their social fix. I believe the cast majority of people go to church today not because of the truth claims of the church, but because of the ability to physically see and interact with people. To get their social fix. Today, there are so many virtual social platforms that people don’t need to go out of their way to church to speak and meet with people. 6) These younger generations see the oldness of the church leaders and find they are so different in interests that they find them irrelevant. They see how the church leaders create social injustices and do not want to associate with them.
  10. Modern humans have been on Earth for about 200,000 years. The Earth is about 4.5 Billion years old. Not sure if the scriptures mean the meridian of time of humans or the Earth, so Christ could return in either 200,000 years or 4.5 billion years minus 2021 years.
  11. The original 1830 edition of the BoM certainly reflected Joseph’s belief in the trinity. It was later updated in 1835 to reflect Joseph’s mind change from a trinity godhead to what it is today. Even the 1832 version of the First Vision, the first version recorded, does not indicate there were multiple beings, but rather a single Angel.
  12. I do not know much about the CoC, but there are doctrines and policies, that I do like much better than the Brighamite church. John Hamer is a 70 with the CoC and he frequently posts comments on other boards and has done several interviews on this topic. They don ordained women to the priesthood, and there is a female Apostle, just like Junia in the times of old.
  13. I concur with the church on this decision. It feels like the church is getting frustrated with the anti-vaxx, prepper, far right wing folks who aren’t following the brethren….
  14. A close friend was called into a bishopric by the Stake President. The friend asked if he would have to shave his beard for the calling. The SP replied, “There are many false teachings in the church, and that is one of them.”
  15. I agree. As the numbers started to show real decline in growth rate, the church stopped publishing the numbers that had always been available at the April conference. The church had the Kirton McKonkie law firm reach out to all of the websites that were providing membership data for them to cease and desist. Most did comply except one, which still provides accurate data: https://www.fullerconsideration.com
  16. I’m trying to understand the intent of this post. Is the OP suggesting the BYU Board of Trustees is responsible for the multiple episodes of confusion being attributed to the Honor Code Office?
  17. I think Elder Holland’s words were abhorrent. He knew exactly what he was saying… faculty support for LGBT, diversity, etc should be met with musket fire, swords made from steel plows, and pitchforks….but we love you. Sounds more like Donald Trump’s call to destroy democracy and attack the national capital than it does an apostle of the lord to preach love God and love thy neighbor.
  18. Here is the story of a married, gay couple who were recently excommunicated….
  19. I have done some reading and mostly listening about this leaked attendance records. Peter Bleakley has spoken about it frequently. He was a faithful member wanting the church to improve and was recently excommunicated for begging the church to improve its curriculum and processes….which the church has not and it shows as church growth rate continues to decline. In the last world wide tour, President Nelson focused on asking the members to pay tithing. Maybe a different message is needed rather than constantly asking for money the church certainly doesn’t need to cover the expenses of the first presidency. A few years prior to the pandemic, I was following the shrinking of the church in Europe. Wards and stakes were closing rapidly. It was predicted that about 900 units were to be closed in Europe, but it ended up being closer to 500. I believe this attendance data. These data paint a clear picture of the symptoms the church is experiencing across Europe.
  20. Printed paper magazines don’t have links.
  21. The printed version of the Sept 2021 Liahona indicates the alternating priesthood and women sessions are back on.
  22. Yes, now in The Liahona it says the priesthood and women sessions are back on and alternating again with priesthood in April and women conference in October I believe is what it says. So, there no longer is a Saturday evening general session.
  23. Wait, it was off, then back on for everyone, now that has changed back to separate priesthood and women meetings? This is confusing.
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