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  1. Maybe but I think most people value the original of something far more than the copy or reproduction of something many, many years later. Ask a car collector if they value an original Shelby Cobra over a modern day copy based on the original.
  2. We are also dealing with a virus that causes long term damage to quite a few people who survive. We are dealing with a virus that is filling hospitals. Even if they survive, they consume massive amounts of resources. When the hospitals are full of Covid, it harms all the non-Covid patients. So many people are willing to dish the problem off to doctors and nurses. They don't care how much they have to endure to keep these people alive. Then people use the great efforts they do keeping these people alive and declare the virus is not that big of a deal. Perhaps we need a few weeks where doctors and nurses go on strike. Stop treating all Covid patients and we will see the real mortality rate of the virus.
  3. With all the new variants of COVID popping up, it sort of reminds me of the scourge that is spoken of in D&C 5:18-19. 18 And their testimony shall also go forth unto the condemnation of this generation if they harden their hearts against them; 19 For a desolating scourge shall go forth among the inhabitants of the earth, and shall continue to be poured out from time to time, if they repent not, until the earth is empty, and the inhabitants thereof are consumed away and utterly destroyed by the brightness of my coming. This scourge seems to be one that just persists, comes in waves, and is never overcome. Perhaps COVID is not it but it perhaps is a dry run for something greater coming in the future.
  4. What studies? From the reports I have heard, natural immunity is not as strong as the immunity with the vaccine and its less effective against variants.
  5. Since the church does not recognize the validity of the marriages in regards to the Law of Chastity or compliance with the gospel, it really don't see a difference in the eyes of the church between a married gay couple and an unmarried gay couple. So with that. 1. Do you think married gay couples should be allowed to attend church services? Gay couples, married or not, should be allowed to attend church services just like anyone else. I am sure polygamist can attend church as well as long as they are not causing problems. Pretty much anyone living any lifestyle can attend church services. 2. Do you think married gay couples should be excommunicated from the Church. Any exceptions? Since the marriage does not matter, they should be treated as a unmarried gay couple or heterosexual couple. The level of compliance to the Law of Chastity would probably be a determining factor of being exed. 3. Do you think married or unmarried gay members should be allowed to hold hands in a church building? I see no reason why they should not. Holding hands for an unmarried heterosexual couple is not a violation of the law of chastity,. 4. Do you think married or unmarried gay members should be allowed to kiss as long as it is in an appropriate place? No different for unmarried heterosexual couples in terms of kissing. I don't see a big problem. 5. Do you thinks single gay members should be allowed to date someone of the same sex? Dating is just going out. Dating does not have to be romantic or anything sexual. Don't see a problem. 6. What restrictions, if any, do you think the Church should place on someone who is gay? Same restrictions as applied to unmarried heterosexuals. The fact that the government allows gays to be married has no bearing on the how the law of chastity and how it is applied. God does not alter his laws to fit court decisions.
  6. I strongly feel that regardless of ones position, there can be no doubt that the Lord is very unhappy with the division that this has caused with members. We really have a long way to go before Zion can be established. COVID has exposed a lot of rot in the Church that needs to be solved.
  7. I am happy it does not collect taxes. Politicians have enough tax revenue. They just need to control their spending more. Giving more money to politicians to spend is like giving more alcohol to a drunk. It does not promote more responsible behavior.
  8. Taxes help politicians spend on their pet projects to grow their political power. Politicians like to declare all the great things they do in this world by spending other people money. Taxing churches and things associated with them is an intrusion in the state in religion. If there is a separation of church and state, that separation has to go both ways. Religion has no right to the funds collected by the government and government has no rights to the money collected by religion.
  9. In the end,. COVID-19 will be doing most of the educating on the importance of vaccines and masks. The hospitals are full of new converts to the importance of vaccines. It is sad that people have to get to that point before being shown the errors of their ways. I am sure when the hospital bills come, it will further impress upon them that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
  10. That is too broad. Men are ordained to the priesthood, women are not. Some members based on their actions get to go to the temple, others do not. Treating all members equally would result in ignoring or disregarding a number of things the Lord has established. I think a better view would be to love all members equally and lift up all members regardless of their situation. Help all members to repent and build up all members who are trying to do their best and encourage those who are not to do better.
  11. Sometimes people do grow out and some don't. I suppose it depends on the level that each kid has.
  12. Luke has been using Ritalin for about 4 to 5 years. It helps with his focusing in school but he has other issues like anxiety which it does not help. One area that we fail at is limiting his access to sugar. It is hard to do with an 11 year old. I have not looked into CBD oil much but it is something to look at. Anything to help him is needed. It has been a blessing of sorts to me. He has taught me more patience and understanding. I am not as judgemental to drug users as I once was. I believe one reason why ADHD kids are so much more prone to abuse drugs is not out of being rebellious but just a need to escape or try to medicate themselves to be more normal. ADHD to Luke is really no different than being gay is to a gay person. My son can't will his condition away anymore than a gay person can will a change in their orientation. ADHD may be a mental disease but is more of a brain development problem. It appears to be genetic and the fact that his biological mom used drugs while pregnant I am sure did not help. I approach LBGT and ADHD in similar ways and in terms of the gospel. People may be born with things that making living the gospel an extra challenge. However we are required to do the best we can to comply to the laws of God. I would not ask the Church to make exceptions to the WOW simply because my son is far more prone to abuse drugs than those who do not have it. My son will be prone to more risky sexual behavior than straight or gay people. I would not ask an exception be carved out in the law of chastity to make it easier for him to comply. I am confident God will have more compassion and understanding at the challenges both ADHD and LBGT people regarding their challenges but everyone is expected to put forth their best efforts to keep the commandments. The issues of mortality will resolve themselves after death. As we approach the second coming and the conditions in the world get worse, I do believe it can be easier for people to keep the perspective that life is short and our challenges are well. There is hope at the end of the tunnel and the end of the tunnel gets closer with each day.
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