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  1. Slavery can be associated in any economic system. Socialism and Communism are not exempt. Some of the worst cases of slavery right now are in North Korea. Some of American capitalism is tied to slavery today but not slavery in America but other countries like China. Slavery is about as old as prostitution. Probably will be around until Christ comes back.
  2. I suspect much of that has to do with people either not having jobs or being too scared to go out. I myself have reduced my travels not because i think things are better but to avoid getting sick. Some things will change but most stuff will return.
  3. Much of this can be countered by more security cameras in and around religious sites. It may not stop the attack but those responsible can be caught earlier. I am sure may of these idiots are carrying phones. It should be possible to track down those responsible through their phones. Most important of all is strong fines and jail time for those accused. These people need to understand that if they engage in these acts of violence and damage that a big part of their life will be affected from it. The Church has the money. It can invest in HD cameras around the church buildings.
  4. All life has a spirit associated with it whether it be a dog or cat or horse. Apes also have spirits. None of these spirits are the sons and daughters of God. I believe the spirit sons and daughters of God starting coming to the earth with Adam and Eve. Whatever "humans" lived before that were not the sons of daughters of God. They had spirits as well and are entitled to salvation as other live is but are not exaltation. I see no reason to believe any temple work will ever be done for Neanderthals. They were not the sons and daughters of God. The scriptures are not about the history of the earth but the history of man while on the earth. I am sure many issues are simplified regarding the history of the earth, its creation, ect to keep us (the sons and daughters of God) focused on the important stuff. We are way to easily distracted by all the trivia and God wisely is probably hiding a lot of this junk information to keep our eyes on the ball. Knowing the history of dinosaurs or Neanderthals does nothing for us in terms of what we should be focused on and our salvation and exaltation.
  5. The world as we knew it 7 months ago will mostly return when a vaccine is widely available. The so called "new normal" is only temporary. Not many people want to be wearing masks for the rest of their lives. As for college, the social interaction is just as important as the classes themselves. Perhaps more online classes will be offered but I don't seem massive changes except it might be harder to colleges to justify their tuition costs when many courses are online. There might actually be more teaching substance and less indoctrination in leftist views in colleges. That would be a good thing.
  6. Here is an article from Biblical Archaeology Review that shows some old figurines depicting probably Yahweh as a male figure. https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/ancient-cultures/daily-life-and-practice/is-this-the-face-of-god/ "Measuring about 2 inches tall, the head has prominent eyes, ears, and a nose. It has a flat top that is encircled by holes, possibly signifying a headdress. The figurine’s eyes and ears are both punctured, creating the eyes’ irises and ear piercings. As the only figurine uncovered from Qeiyafa from the early tenth century B.C.E., the figurine is significant." So God is male according to these very early people.
  7. Did they have a problem with mentioning baptism for the dead?
  8. The big changes Adam has a 4X4 truck and Eve has an iPhone. The first selfie was taken by Eve.
  9. I say lets have mask and no mask wards just like mask and no mask schools. It would also be a good study to see who is right. I can't see me going back to church until I have been vaccinated or the monoclonal antibodies are in widespread use.
  10. The story does not give me any problems. Laban does not sound like a good steward of the plates. He probably was more of a horder than faithfully teaching the people the truth from the plates. Lehi family needed the plates far more than Laban needed them. Nephi has enough troubles with his brothers. He does not need to deal with a bunch of men sent by Laban to get the plates back. I think the Lord looks at the entire picture. Jerusalem is running out of time. If the plates stay, they get lost or destroyed. Laban probably is going to die soon with the destruction of Jerusalem. God gives us our agency but we should not think that we can frustrate the designs of God. We can not hold up what he wants done. Perhaps the Lord would would not have instructed Nephi to kill Laban if Laban would have let the matter go and not gone after Nephi and the plates. The Lord knows what Laban would do if he had the chance. This is not a story of Nephi killing an innocent man but an obstacle being removed.
  11. Not sure if anyone has posted this but there does seem to be a link between Vitamin D deficiency and higher risk of serious COVID complications. Vitamin D is not a cure nor does it prevent, but it does play an important role in immune response. Vitamin D deficiency is rampant in society today. We spend more time indoors than ever. Dark skin people, obese people, and older people have higher levels of Vitamin D deficiency. My wife and I were Vitamin D deficient. We had very low levels when we tested a few years ago. We have taken supplements and both of us don't get sick as much. They have found that Vitamin D sufficiency does led to lower number of upper respiratory tract infections. Check your Vitamin D levels. It its not a cure or a treatment but it will make your immune system stronger so if you do get infected, you can fight it better. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200702/More-evidence-on-vitamin-D-deficiency-and-death-rates-from-COVID-19.aspx https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/no-evidence-that-vitamin-d-can-prevent-or-treat-covid-19 This article says that there is no evidence that Vitamin D helps prevent or treat COVID. Right. They misrepresent what is being said. Vitamin D sufficiency helps the immune system. You need to be sufficient before you are sick. Taking large doses of Vitamin D once you are sick does nothing.
  12. That article simply proposes a theory that pH in the stomach might increase risk of some complications of COVID, not necessarily make one more likely to get COVID. COVID starts in the nose, mouth, eyes, or lungs. The stomach is not a known infection route.
  13. I don't find anything confusing. I think people are either not paying attention or attempting to find excuses. Logic suggest that anything that obstructs a pathogen from being expelled from the mouth or nose will lower the rates of infection. The only thing that is not know is how much it reduces it. Masks have been used with high effectiveness in other coronavirus outbreaks like MERS and SARS. The people in Hong Kong have enough practice with masks and other things and that is why their current numbers are low. It would be absurd to think that Fauci was not aware of this. Fauci was right early on to make statements like he did not avoid a run on mask that where in short supply. People like to horde stuff like TP and it was pretty obvious to me that is what he was doing.
  14. Some of Joseph Smith choices regarding plural marriage is criticized by many today. Why did not the angel take time to tell Joseph what to avoid while practicing it so that people a 150 years later will not freak out. Perhaps one answer to your question is that polygamy was a practice that would directly affect the saints one way or another for an extended period of time. Whereas racism was not important issue because the vast majority of members were white and did not have much interaction with blacks and others. If you are a white person traveling to Utah with a bunch of other whites and maybe a rare black person coming along, racism issues is not going to be high on the list of concerns or worries.
  15. I view Brigham Young sort of the same way as the founders of the country. Some owned slaves. Some considered racists and viewed with contempt by some today. I overlook their faults and look at what they accomplished. They gave us a beautiful Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our lives today would be quite different without their works. Many people in their day did not own slaves but what did they leave behind for us? Nothing. They are forgotten in history. I find it interesting that people can bash the founders on TV not recognizing that if it was not for the founders, they would not have a first amendment to be able to bash them on TV. While they bash them, they actually elevate them. Brigham Young left his imprint on the Church for good and for bad. However we are where we are now and good works of Young still remain today. Not many of Brigham Youngs critics will be able to say that after they die. Their works will be largely forgotten as well.
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