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  1. The people who complain the most are those who really don't care about the Church anyway. So even if the Church was to give 50 billion away tomorrow, these people might take a week off criticizing the Church but they will find something new to attack it on shortly. I don't now how much the Church has or what is plans to do with the money BUT it should ignore these people and their wish lists.
  2. If that were true, Bill Gates would have done that already. So no I did not know it and the reason why I did not know it is that is is pure nonsense.
  3. Good that they are celebrating the rainbow that came after the Noah flood.
  4. I think trade schools will be the more beneficial in the future. Learn a couple of skills rather than get a broad education, most of which will be forgotten soon after graduation.
  5. Important changes in the Church should be based on revelation. God does not care about social change. He has seen social change in societies on this planet for thousands of years. Who knows how much he has seen on the billions of other worlds out there. God knows what works and what does not work. The one thing you can count on with social change is that it will keep changing. Mostly for the worse when it comes to righteous things. The Church needs to be a lighthouse to lead people to the truth. Not drift with the crowd as they find truth.
  6. I can't think of any direct impact it will have on the Church. The Church has the First Amendment backing it which is the supreme law of the land. Far above any act of Congress.
  7. The way around that is women just refusing to compete with a trans athlete. At some point, changes will have to be made or those athletic programs would close.
  8. If the Church was aware it should compensate. However what is fair compensation. In this lawsuit it is for "$5 million in noneconomic damages and $500,000 in economic damages." Where are they getting those numbers from? I would like to see an itemized list that equals 5 million. Compensation should not mean you get to buy that Ferrari you always wanted to take the pain away.
  9. I am not ashamed of my race because there are some dumb whites out there. Should blacks be ashamed of their race because of the barbaric things blacks sometimes do to each other in Africa?
  10. We are constantly eating in our family. So the best time to fast is when we sleep. It raises an issue. If one meal bleeds into the next or if you are like a Hobbit and you have many small meals during the day, fasting for 2 meals can be just fasting for 4 hours.
  11. If there is a biological basis for homosexuality, then it is possible through gene therapy, drugs, or some other medical means it can be changed. So perhaps 20 years from now, gays can become straight.
  12. Why would God visit destruction on the Church? If there are bad members, he has ways of weeding them out. Yes the scriptures say that God will visit judgement on the church but what that judgement is is not described. The church is a world wide church. It is not like all are gathered in one place and a volcano will erupt and wipe most of it out. Also members are gathered among non-members so any violent judgement on the church will also will hit those outside of the church. I think the judgement will be more of a purge of some sort. Not a destruction that involved damage of property or
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