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  1. If angels have wings, this would mean that "heaven" has an atmosphere and gravity for them to have function. Perhaps heaven is a planet.
  2. We should see a good rebound in the Salt Lake water levels if the storms keep coming like they have so far this year.
  3. Pretty much anything is now considered hate speech if it hurts someones feelings or is seen as mean. I avoid current dictionaries as a result.
  4. My son also decided on stop going to church several years ago. I am ok with it. If we teach agency then we have to allow our children to make choices. I am confident that my son will come back. Events of the world are speeding up and some will come back by not being compelled and others will be compelled by one thing or another.
  5. They should have put the resurrected Christ in a nice suit or perhaps a tux. They left him completely immodest.
  6. I am just glad they are not covering up ankles and knees. However they left Christ immodest by not covering up his left side in the resurrection picture. Lots of skin is exposed in that image. In all seriousness, this stuff makes the church look silly and petty. I support modesty but it should be up to every member to define what modesty is for themselves. Its the whole teach correct principles and let people govern themselves. There simply is nothing immodest about a girl or woman wearing a dress that shows bare shoulders. My son wears shirts that show his shoulders and I think nothing of it. If I had a daughter it would be the same. Showing a bare shoulder simple is no different than a knee or ankle. Sometimes I think LDS church strive to be like the ancient jews who had rules for every little thing.
  7. Some of it might be that what is called a transgender woman is not really a woman to a regular heterosexual guy. Heterosexual guys just don't want anything to do with a "transgender woman". Any transgender who portrays themselves as a woman on a say a dating app to a hetero guy and then meet in person may end up having a very bad day.
  8. There are no miracles to God. God never asks himself how He did something. He knows exactly how he did it and the process that was required for it to occur.
  9. God demands obedience and compliance to enter the Celestial kingdom. If one chooses they want a lower kingdom, they don't need as much obedience. It is a fair system God has set up. One can call it power and control. I would just call it justice and common sense. If you want the best, you got to put the work in. If one does just wants a semi nice place to spend eternity in exchange for no obedience or devotion, God will engage that desire as well
  10. "3. End one-on-one worthiness interviews. Children and youth are regularly interviewed by adult male church leaders in private during which very personal and explicit sexual questions are sometimes asked. These one-on-one interviews lay the foundation for children and youth to be desensitized to being alone with adult males and talking about private matters." Does he propose two on one interviews. I think the more people involved might make it more difficult for youth. Perhaps having the cone of silence in bishops office could be used where the bishop and person being interviews is in the cone of silence while another person is outside observing. If the person being interviewed feels uncomfortable about the questioning, they can push a button and lift the cone of silence so it will not be a one on one interview.
  11. Maybe or he could collapse Twitter completely. He is going to have a problem with governments who demand censorship of various things.
  12. One goes where the people are. However he is also on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/maklelan
  13. That only works if the endowment goes up to offset the reductions. If the market is flat or down for a sustained period of time, one risks drying up the endowment. Fun fact about selling assets too early. Bill Gates is worth about 100 billion dollars. He has given away over 50 billion dollars to charity. Had Bill Gates never sold any of his stock to this day, he would be worth over 500 billion. At the high point of Microsoft stock, it would have been over 700 billion. Hundreds of billions of dollars he was not able to realize by selling assets too soon thus a lot less he could give away. Sell very slowly if one has to sell.
  14. Fear does have its place to prepare and plan for the future. If someone does not fear not having enough money for retirement, they may not properly plan for retirement. They may just go through life not caring until they get close to retirement and find out they might not have enough money to make it 75 or 80 years old. Fear should not dominate our decisions but having a little fear does help motivate every now and then.
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