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  1. I have not seen any infringement on my religious liberty. We can do Church online right now and sacrament in our homes. In some respects, its easier to practice my faith. I can do it while my pajamas.
  2. If Jesus went to every spirit world out there and there are trillions of spirit worlds, he spent less like a microsecond in each one. I see no reason to expand his stay beyond our spirit world here.
  3. I support the principle of Black lives matter. Will never support the organization.
  4. Most of our presidents have had deep moral failings. Trump can't even touch Moroni in the moral category. Whether he has been an effective leader is opinion. I will say however that his leadership on Coronavirus has been HORRIBLE. I really believe his knowledge of pandemics and infection control came from the Trump University School of Medicine.
  5. This is politics mixed with the Book of Mormon. I think its appropriate to compare and contrast Moroni with Donald Trump. I support Trump on some things so I don't hate him like many do but it is WAY out of line to even put him in the same league as Captain Moroni. I have supported Mike Lee but this was a bridge too far for me.
  6. Given that Alma and Amulek were captured and put in prison, that pretty much eliminates our modern day Captain Moroni from considering Alma and Amulek as heroes. They were would be losers to Donald Trump.
  7. It am sure Captain Moroni and Mike Lee will have a nice conversation on the other side. I would love to hear it.
  8. What makes you think that people are not born to cheat? Monogamy is not really a natural state. Animals often have multiple mates. Many men like say Hugh Hefner had trouble staying with one woman. It may be true that one chooses to be a polygamist as marriage is choice that is done over time and requires planning. However cheating, swinging, and just going from one person to the next might be something they were born as. There was a male dog around our neighborhood who walked the streets and had much offspring. Very natural for the dog and some women say men are dogs. Also gay mar
  9. WOW, that is about 2 hours long. I don't know if I can sit through something that long without lots of car chases and things blowing up.
  10. Technically yes because having long hair, wearing women clothes, chopping body parts off, taking hormones, even changing your name does not make you the opposite sex. Though such a person would have to come to church with their hair cut, wearing the appropriate cloths and no makeup. They would have to make some big changes. I am sure this guy who identifies himself as a parrot would have to make changes also.
  11. Priesthood issues would be a big problem. A person born female but transitions can't expect to be ordained to the priesthood because they now consider themselves a male. Plus I don't understand the point of all of it in the long run is a gospel sense. A person who has gone through a surgical procedure to make them the opposite sex is no more going to be retained those changes in the resurrection than a woman who gets breast implants will be retain those implants in the resurrection.
  12. Utah is getting close to rationing care with a number of people being allowed to die because of the ICU being full. I was told at work today that at a hospital here, the ICU nurses are just getting burned out. Each is caring for up to 7 patients. Yet so many just don't seem to care in this state. Not a good time to get in a car accident, have a heart attack, or other emergency in Utah. Even if you get to the ICU, your care will be compromised.
  13. Yes and no. Of course those who don't understand as much are not held as accountable. With more light comes more accountability. However many outside of the gospel still have the light of Christ and still now the basics of right and wrong. Otherwise what sins are people being washed of when they are baptized? There is no need for converts to repent before baptism because they never commit sin. Really the only sinners that live on the earth are those in the Church who sin. Everyone else lives sinless lives. I don't think it works that way. If this is not the case and they are not sinn
  14. Does not matter if the gay couple love each other and are faithful. The scriptures do not say that sin is not sin if those involved are consenting and faithful. Perhaps gay couples who are faithful to each other are like heterosexuals in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of God. Remember as well that even in heterosexual relationships, God does not view them equally. All contracts, covenants, ect done in the world without the sealing power of the priesthood end at death. God does not care if the couple was faithful for 50 years. Without the sealing power, the marriage is terminate
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