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  1. I understand that politics has its place of importance but I have seen too many church members place it to levels that it seems to be the most important. They value their political views more than friendships and perhaps church membership. The Democrat and Republican parties are political parties of Babylon. Neither party cares about Zion and oppose many of the principles of Zion in their own way. When we understand this, perhaps we might not give as much emphasis to it. Neither party is the party of God or the devil Both parties will cease to exist at some point in the future. Most of the
  2. It may not be a good thing, but in world today, it might be a necessary thing. People get fired from their jobs for doing or saying things will not on the job. Some people value their privacy as well. They may have something to say regarding a topic but don't want to be bothered by friends and neighbors about an issue while outside the setting they originally gave their view.
  3. I think the problem is what are the benefits and negatives about publishing such things? If the Church publishes the finances and what they spend on, there is going to be a vocal group of people out there who are just going to complain and complain about something. The majority that will not complain are the same people who are not complaining now. I see little upside to being transparent but more downside. I believe the people who really want to know the details the most are the ones who are most likely to complain the most. They never will be completely happy with the decisions made by
  4. Most of it is not cash. It is stocks and other things and much of it can evaporate in a market downturn. If there is a market crash, you want to be way up before the crash so that after the crash you still have more than enough to endure the hard times. Giving a lot away now might sound good but post crash you might be in a lot of trouble.
  5. I don't see a problem. Lets take it out of the LGBT direction to a less personal one like gambling. We can have love and compassion for those who are addicted to gambling while not showing love and compassion for gambling itself. This is true for all issues regarding sins. As weak, fallible people we need to help each other through their troubles. Life is hard enough, we should not compound a person's problems or trials by adding more weight to their backs to carry by harsh judgement, ridicule, or scorn. However that does not mean we are to surrender right and wrong for the sake of not o
  6. Technically yes though a heterosexual most likely they would be expelled at least for a time until they have repented and come back in compliance with the law of chastity. The HC applies to everyone and everyone consents to the terms to attend BYU. The Law of Chasity applies to everyone including homosexuals. If they desire to live out of bounds, they can withdraw from the university. The Law of Chastity is pretty simple and basic. It is meant for even the lowest to understand. There simply is no provision in the law for gays to marry. There is no evidence that God has ever allowed i
  7. I view the Church being for weak people like us to bring us closer to Christ and the Father. So God is not a Mormon. However relationship between the LDS Church and God is like the relationship between an author of a book and a book. Without the author, the book would not exist. So God is to the LDS Church as JK Rowlings is to Harry Potter, George Lucas is to Star War, Bill Gates is to Microsoft or Jeff Bezos is to Amazon.
  8. Climate change and the Last Days prophecies and views are very consistent with each other in my opinion. I do not find climate change to be particularly troubling in the long view of things. I find things to be going right on schedule and trending in the direction as things are supposed to go. Sure the future will be difficult but Christ does not come in a time of peace or prosperity. He comes in a time of distress of war, natural disasters, and other things. If we desire the second coming, we have to accept what comes before it.
  9. In the US the answer is no as long as there is a first amendment. Since there is no legal requirement to be married by a religious person, SSM candidates can find plenty of alternatives to perform the act.
  10. The good news is they all accepted the gospel in the spirit world as the 1890s. They be all Mormons baby. 😁
  11. I guess that suggests that those who are monitoring which spirits go into which bodies are really screwing up by allowing male spirits into female bodies and female spirits into male bodies. Perhaps they need to fired. The scriptures however suggest we get the same gender body in the resurrection. No indication that mankind altered portions will be retained.
  12. That depends how interconnected the spirit and body become. The way I look at it, if I was able to get my spirit to jump out of my body for 5 minutes, would I be a different person? Or would I be the same exact person with the same thoughts and tendencies? I think I would be the same person.
  13. The church in 3rd Nephi was a struggling church that was few in number in terms of the broader population. History will repeat. What is important is that the Church is doing what it is called to do. Better to have a small, faithful church than a larger church that is not faithful. We know the overall script of what is going to happen. The church in the end prevails and the wicked are destroyed. The only thing in question is timing and the exact sequence of events. Based on what has been revealed regarding the last days, the condition and path of the world still appears to be on schedu
  14. It would be nice if the church invested in some cameras both in and outside the buildings. That could help keep some of this away.
  15. Technically you don't need to be LDS to live with God. Jesus does go to the Terrestrial Kingdom. It is a great kingdom of glory. In many respects, only LDS would appreciate the Celestial Kingdom because its purpose really fulfills LDS views. If one does not believe in exaltation, it is not a kingdom for them as it is a kingdom of Gods. If one does not really believe in eternal families, they don't really need the Celestial kingdom as that is a kingdom about eternal families. For the most part, people will get in the eternities exactly what they want, desire, or expect. Ask a Christian wh
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