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  1. Church can be anywhere. However people like to meet in buildings because they offer a secure environment from distractions, weather, and other things. I believe the current state of things regarding COVID show we can have family church outside of an official church building. Some things however require a building such as temple ordinances. The Lord only offers very limited exceptions to that.
  2. When exactly did God say that he would kill people to remind them of his love. The basic theme I get from the scriptures is God calls people to repent and gives them ample time to repent but eventually that time runs out when they get so wicked that they need to be removed.
  3. I suspect that the vast majority of active LDS women would not want to be on a show like this. It takes a particular personality to want to have their life exposed to the world in this way. They say shows like this is "reality" TV. There is not much reality in these shows.
  4. Some people desire something new or exciting every 6 months. I see new and "exciting" stuff all around us. Exciting stuff not in the sense it makes me happy but exciting in the sense that we keep slowly, inching closer to the 2nd coming. Look at all the stuff that has happened in the last year. Large fires in various parts of the world. A moderate pandemic. Civil strife, growing tensions especially with China. Many see 2020 to be a bad year and they just can't wait to get to 2021. Who says 2021 will be a better year? I suspect that as we keep moving forward,. things will get worse and
  5. I believe its best to go where the science directs us. For a while, I have believed that being Vitamin D sufficient was important at helping reducing severe complications of COVID. There are reasons why minority groups have been hit severely hard with COVID that go beyond just economic and essential job. Darker skinned people make less Vitamin D in the sun and add poorer diet, have a higher rate of Vitamin D deficiency. My wife and I were both Vitamin D deficient when we tested a few years ago. My wife has been taking it regularly since and she has noticed less respiratory infections.
  6. There have always been floods, earthquakes, pandemics, wars, droughts and famines, ect. Some of them have been really bad in history. What i believe these things have in relation with the 2nd Coming is they they will be occurring more often and more intense than we have seen in history. Then one can look at all the major fault lines in the US. Whether San Andreas, New Madrid, the North west fault off Washington, or Wasatch range in Utah, all of them are due or overdue. Big earthquakes have occurred on these fault lines in history. The difference is back then, they shook trees and rocks.
  7. The church separates nobody. The Church judges nobody. Christ and the individual in question determines the destination of each individual. Also lets not assume that if individuals are in different kingdoms that the family is separated. Those in higher kingdoms can visit and dwell with those in lower ones. It is no different than if I live in Utah (celestial Kingdom) visit some of my family in Oregon (Terrestrial Kingdom) and also visit some other family members in California (Telestial Kingdom). We are still a family even if we are separated at times.
  8. I am sure those in the Telestial play lots of sports. I can't foresee a lot of sports in the Celestial Kingdom. All powerful and knowing beings playing sports? How would they compete? Everyone knows the play before it even starts.
  9. Maybe not an official one but I think you can put it in the records. I know in our ward there are individuals we don't send home teachers to.
  10. Dropped my son off at college today for his first year. Just called him and told him about the do not contact list in the Church. Told him to wait on resigning. He is still young and if later on that is something he wants to do I am ok with it. I am ok with him not going to church and his current agnostic views. Right now its the resigning part that keeps my crying and if he can hold off on that for a while, I can handle the shock better. Too much too fast. He said he would contact the bishop to not have his records sent up and he already withdrew his resignation. I feel a lot better.
  11. I pleaded with him not to resign. I told him I was fine with him not going to church. One of the main reasons he seemed to indicate he wanted to resign is he did not want people bothering him at school. I suppose if I can work with the bishop not to forward any records, than he can be at school and that problem for him will be eliminated. We have a good relationship so I have hope things in the future will change.
  12. Our children belong to heavenly father. We have been given stewardship and guardianship over them and if we are faithful we are an eternal family. My son is an adult now. All I can do is be an example and hope the best. I suppose I just have to learn from this and be more attentive with my 10 year old son. He is the one that requires more work with ADHD. My 18 year old I can say is more mature than others his age. He always has been. He has never been a problem child. Lots of self initiative. Always did well in school without me once needing tell him to do homework. I guess that is
  13. I am depressed but I know in time it will ease. I sort of figured that he probably would stop going to church at college. I was prepared for that part. Its the resignation part that I was not prepared for. He is 18 and at that age their views change. I was not very committed when I was 18. Things change with time so it does not bother me that much if he goes inactive. I just don't want him to cut the cord at least not yet. I suppose I put in my mind expectations in my life of how things would happen. He is the one of my brothers and sisters kids who has gone off in this direction. I s
  14. I understand. His response is that he was baptized when he was 8 and though he made a choice, it was a choice of an 8 year old. I can understand his perspective on that. He says he has not problems coming back but it has to be on his choice and not because he was born in it.
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