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During the last plague on Egypt, didn't YHWH come down and take the firstborn Egyptians to the Spirit World? I think He did

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8 hours ago, Calm said:

It was something I came across recently on Ben Spackman’s blog, iirc.  I knew about Levites being there to serve others, but the analogy to temple workers was new to me and it really brings out the context much better imo.  Spackman is my go to OT scholar at the moment…Previously to that I felt the comparison was lacking because there is a huge difference imo between one group getting something and no one else getting it vs one group not getting something even if worthy and everyone else getting access if they want, sometimes even if not worthy (at least in the eyes of the community though God will know better).

I have seen Gods grace so I am willing to accept even his strange commands knowing that my knowledge is incomplete, but getting a better understanding of the scriptural accounts in the Bible and the Nephites priesthood changes things for me. I feel like my mind has been illuminated by the spirit, and the fog is receding

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