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New Years resolution accomplished


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In a sort of Resolution reversal, I made a plan to read 4 books before Jan 1. They were 2 by Stephen Meyer : " Signature in the Cell " which outlines the evidence from DNA for design and if nothing else is a good primer for the theory of Intelligent Design, and " Darwin's Doubt " which is a follow up book and outlines the problems for evolution coming from the Cambrian explosion. Then a small book called " The Devil's delusion " by David Berlinski which references Dawkin's book " the God Delusion " , and finally " There is a God " by Antony Flew which chronicles his change from staunch atheist to theist. This last book wasn't very long and the first part got a bit philosophically heavy for my small brain, but it got better in the second part where he got more personal in his mind change. I also liked the appendix where a Rev Wright ( not the one we know ) wrote about evidence for the existence of Christ. Very enlightening.

  I was sufficiently impressed with " Signature in the Cell " that I will personally fund the purchase of it for the first 3 people on the board who message me with a desire to read it. The only caveat would be a promise to pass the book on to someone else after they finish it. One should note that this book  does get deep in the weeds when it comes to discussing the internal cell structures. What has been learned about the cell in just the last couple of decades is amazing.

 By the way, as with most resolutions, I missed my " due date " by a week. Oh well, the best laid plans...

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