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World Net Daily Poll On 'Mormonism' And The Presidential Race


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This 'news' website is no stranger to Mormon bashing.

The news on WND is from a multiplicity of sources so yes, while one will have to occaisionally parse, much is fairly legit news that one wouldn't otherwise get on a steady diet of Soros generated msm.

We LDS should not be suprised at the "cult" reaction. We claim to be the only true Church, the one with the only authority to baptise and administer in the ordinances required for eternal life. We teach that the creeds of the others are an abomination. We teach that there are two Churches only, Christ's and the Devil's. We identify with Christ's so no matter how you parse it, because we are in theology quite different, all other christian sects will perceive that they are the church of the Devil whether we mean that or not. This is as it should be. It will be a stumbling block for most LDS candidates who are reasonably faithful. Not so much for those who aren't.

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