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Did Joseph Know That Esaias = Isaiah?

Joseph Antley

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How could Joseph Smith have understood that Esaias is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew Isaiah?

He didn't even know that Jesus was born in Bethelehem, not Jerusalem!

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But at the same time he extracted then undiscovered literary nuances from the Bible and masterfully sprinkled them throughout the Book of Mormon that he recited from his photographic memory, with just the right amount of variances that would later prove, in some instances, to be better restorations of the text than any English Bible. All this was done between trips to the public libraries where he would spend next to no time there so as not to alert his family to his absence, but have enough time to memorize names, places, theories and history that he would later inject into his from-the-hip "translation" of metal plates that he hypnotized almost a dozen people into seeing at the same time. All the while he made sure to represent himself as uneducated to everyone who knew him, including his wife. C'mon, it's not that hard to figure out.

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Apologetics are great. Usually, the easiest thing to do in such a case would be to just say

he got it wrong, but via apologetics, we are able to come up with our own explanations to

explain this discrepancy.

Yeah, real honest scholarship always sticks with the first, most superficial conclusion. That one has to be right.

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