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  1. My 25 year old single daughter were cheering during Elder Ballard talk today. She needed that. Thanks to Elder Ballard
  2. Let me be more clear. We have commandments from Jesus and from Prophets of God that tell us things about what to do in this existence. Things like Baptism,Confirmation, prayer, and fasting are cut and dry for us. We have structure of a higher and lower priesthood and ordination to them. Covenants like the Sacrament,while we can bicker about the exact way to perform the ordinance, we have command and blessing to have it. Contrast that to the person I have had in Gospel Doctrine class who was sure they could tell what kingdom any person would inhabit based upon knowing maybe
  3. I find the idea that mortal humans 'know' pre or post mortal conditions, progressions, groupings, sealings etc... Are amongst the most presumptive speculations I have ever come across. What God has in store for His children after this phase is over is a mystery and I am anxious to learn, work for, experience, and grow with. I have NO idea what it means. And neither does anyone else.
  4. I showed two of these videos to my wife, 24 year old returned missionary daughter, and 16 year old son. They loved them. They found them engaging, funny, and informative. I showed them the Saints Unscripted video above and they thought the information was good, but they didn't like the presentation method. Daughter said she would have turned it off if she had the remote. Surprised me to say the least. Perhaps FairMormon knows more about their audience than we give them credit for. Feel free to get that to Scott Gordon also.
  5. I haven't heard of Script Unscripted, but that was SO MUCH BETTER than the smack talking videos presented from the OP! I'll watch more of these.
  6. Sooooooooooooo glad the Comments are turned off on those videos! I like the info, not a fan of the delivery. Hope younger ones get some benefit from it. I think the critics will have a field day with the delivery, and presenters, but ignore the content.
  7. Marvin Perkins is your friend here.
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