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  1. BYU was dominated on both lines. They lost 22-17.
  2. I hope not. Let’s see if we can control both lines of scrimmage and if we can I predict a BYU win.
  3. I love to mess with the S.S. scammers. You press 1 and the person asks who they are speaking with. I say “You called me and don’t know who I am?” Some try to argue but most just hang up. LOL. I received an email saying that my Netflix account is suspended due to non payment. The email looked like it could be from Netflix, but when I touched the email address line it was from a personal email address out of the UK. Delete. It’s a good idea to click on the from email address which will tell the email address that sent it. If you get an email saying your Netflix account is sus
  4. It’s funny how personal experience colors our perceptions. One thing I know. Everyone is broken. Everyone has challenges, whether of their own making, born with them, due to the actions of someone else or a combination thereof. You never know what a person or family is going through. Tragedy, mistakes and consequences aren’t limited to certain economic classes or certain races. Life is HARD. The Gospel provides a way for the broken to be healed. Forgiveness and mercy are in short supply these days among the general population. It’s all about justice and revenge. I’ll take mercy and l
  5. I guess I should clarify, I’m not against polygamy in the Church. I’m against personally practicing it. I don’t want another wife. My wife might leave if it was restored.
  6. CV75 the answer to your question is The Great Society Act. When single motherhood is financially rewarded the consequences are catastrophic. “Children raised by single mothers are more likely to fare worse on a number of dimensions, including their school achievement, their social and emotional development, their health and their success in the labor market. They are at greater risk of parental abuse and neglect (especially from live-in boyfriends who are not their biological fathers), more likely to become teen parents and less likely to graduate from high school or college.[i] Not all
  7. BLM is a Marxist organization. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/06/25/blm-co-founder-describes-herself-as-trained-marxist/amp/ As such I don’t see much room for religion. Blacks are far more likely to be killed by another Black, than a police officer. Per the FBI, in 2019, there were 2870 Blacks murdered. Of those murders 2570 were committed by Blacks. Last year there were 14 fatal police shootings of unarmed Black men. I don’t have information on how many Blacks were killed by police by other means. “As of the June 22 update, the Washington Post’s database of fata
  8. It’s beautiful film GG. The ending is tragic but that’s what makes it so good.
  9. I have a question. If abortion isn’t murder and the baby not human, why is a person who murders a pregnant woman, charged with 2 murders?
  10. My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. Anything with Humphrey Bogart. The Maltese Falcon is excellent. Arsenic and old lace, mr. Roberts. A great Japanese film, Descendants, is worth your time. Can’t forget Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The acting is amazing. It’s very subtle and paying attention is paramount to understanding the relationships between the characters. It’s best in Chinese and subtitles.
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