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  1. My brother lives down in St George Utah and I'm always jealous that life is fairly normal down there. Up in Canada we are bringing back restrictions with a vengeance. Indoor social gatherings limited to 10 people, no singing or dancing, and definitely no standing at concerts or cinemas. Canada has a very high vaccination rate. I've come to realize that we cannot comply our way out of this. No end in sight
  2. I take that back, I hadn't heard that. So two schools temporarily closed
  3. You claimed schools were closing due to teachers dying. Literally never happened anywhere. You made it up
  4. If you had to choose between a doctor that had treated 6000 Covid patients successfully with virtually no deaths using an early treatment protocol that involved Ivermectin as well as a suite of multiple other drugs vs going to the hospital and being put on remdesivir and then possibly a ventilator where over half the patients die which would you pick? I would pick the doctor with the better track record, wouldn't really care what he was giving me as long as it worked
  5. What do you mean found to be false, of course it was false but it was presented in the media at the time as being true and the masses believed it. People were collapsing in the streets of China due to the Coronavirus so you should be afraid. Very afraid This entire scary "Pandemic" started out as a lie, right from the very beginning https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/31/a-man-lies-dead-in-the-street-the-image-that-captures-the-wuhan-coronavirus-crisis https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10808633/coronavirus-wuhan-zombieland/
  6. Rather than "googling" it, why not seek out doctors who are actually treating patients with it and see what they have to say. Get some real boots on the ground information
  7. Personal decisions to close businesses due to fear, and or closing due to Government lockdowns were all primarily driven by the fear from the massive CCP propaganda campaign on social media that started in China, NOT because everybody was getting sick and dying Remember all of those people that dropped dead in the streets in China from the Coronavirus back in Feb March 2020? How many other cities across the globe did you see people randomly dropping dead in the streets from the Virus? Zero
  8. Merck is developing its own expensive Covid drugs, they want nothing to do with Ivermectin because its Off Patent and harder to make money off of https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/pfizer-merck-launch-new-trials-of-oral-covid-19-drugs-1.5569783
  9. Say it with me together now, Ivermectin is OFF-PATENT Ok I'm done here Have a good day guys
  10. "Second, Ivermectin is not a recognized and "approved" treatment for Covid" Of course its not, if it was the drug companies wouldn't have been allowed to push the vaccine through the EUA, that's my point
  11. Seems to me like you are just following church guidance and not looking at all of the data on both sides. I never blindly follow what anybody tells me to do, I always have to study and weigh it out in my mind and come to my own conclusions. If that conclusion is wrong that's fine but at least I know the reasoning behind why I came to it
  12. I would assume that a large portion if not most of or all of the staff would have to get sick and/or die to permanently close a business. Think
  13. Couldn't read the last article but the first two said nothing about schools closing due to teachers dying from covid lol
  14. Bring it on. show me a business that shut down because all of the staff got sick and died from Covid
  15. In order for the Drug companies to get the EUA for the vaccines the FDA required that there were no other available treatments for the disease. If I was a drug company and a cheap alternative was emerging that was showing promise and could potentially de-rail the EUA for my product I would be 100% incentivized to get rid of my competition through any means necessary. It makes a lot more sense when you start thinking like a criminal, because a lot of these politicians and drug company executives are just that. Criminals
  16. All I see are articles on schools closing due to cases, because the Government is telling them to close, NOT because teachers are dying and they can't operate. You said and I quote "The news is full of schools closing because teacher hospitalizations and fatalities make it impossible to continue operating." So where are all these schools?
  17. I didn't say that, what I'm saying is the notion put forward by the mainstream media that there are no treatments available that show any efficacy and that the vaccine is the ONLY answer just isn't true. There is a LOT of money to be made from this vaccine and is therefore being pushed the hardest. Ivermectin is an off patent drug, nobody can make money off it, therefore its being attacked by the competition
  18. The news is full of schools closing due to teachers being hospitalized and fatalities? Hadn't heard anything like that in 18 months, do you have a link?
  19. Conspiracies only take a tiny handful of people to work. You don't need the silent complicity of hundreds of thousands of people, that would imply that hundreds of thousands of people know exactly what's going on, which they don't. Evil people have conspired together since the beginning of time you don't think its happening right now, right in front of us?
  20. Show me one business that closed due to the actual virus and NOT Government intervention forcing them to close due to lockdowns.
  21. Horse Dewormer? lol. You realize Ivermectin which won the Nobel prize in 2015 for HUMANS right? Horse De-wormer was put in your brain by the MSM propaganda campaign. Stop watching the news https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34466270/
  22. You are under the assumption that its not treatable and it just runs rampant and kills people. Not true, its very treatable. Too bad our media has been lying to us in regards to early treatment from the beginning so they could push the EUA for the vaccine
  23. Money, control, power, are ALWAYS the motives. Masks were initially opposed by all of the authorities, and then almost overnight the WHO switched their stance and pushed them on the world. It was later confirmed by a UK reporter that they recommended them due to political lobbying. Nothing to do with health. If you follow the World Economic Forum on Twitter you will notice they often talk about the future of jobs in 2025 and everybody is wearing a mask. They also advertise the "mask of the future". Why would we need a mask of the future for a temporary pandemic. These groups obviously want people masked for the foreseeable future, possibly forever. If this was about health, ask yourself why? And nobody is controlling local hospital reporting systems, not sure where you get that idea from. The message we get from the media regarding hospitals and everything we see and understand regarding this "Pandemic" is however VERY controlled But again I'm not here to convince you of anything. If you can't recognize the lies by now you probably never will. Have a good one
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