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  1. Calm, the inaccuracies that I saw mostly had to do with mischaracterizing the opinions of critics, particularly the faux critics that were brought on for comedic purposes. This is not something that can be fixed through editing, since it is basically the modus operandi of the entire series. The pervasive use of strawman arguments marks the videos as unserious, disrespectful, and ultimately unpersuasive.
  2. I have watched them myself (they're not that long) and I was taken aback at their mocking, derisive, sophomoric tone. I realize that I am not the target audience, and I understand the desire to appeal to young people, but I would not recommend abandoning basic Christian values to do so. I did not find the videos to be "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy" and I doubt that many people--young or old--who are earnestly seeking after such things will find This is The Show satisfying.
  3. The article on niceness is not as persuasive to me as Pres. Eyring's comments to FARMS several years ago. "Because you know that the value of your work lies less in convincing and more in inviting people to seek truth by prayer, you have exemplified another virtue. You have tried to be models of kindness in your dialogue with others, especially with those with whom you disagree. You know that a spirit of contention will drive away the very influence by which they can know truth. That has led you to shun ridicule. It has led you to avoid the temptation of playing to the already converted, se
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