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Deification in the Bible


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In Gen 1:1 what was created ... is it "the matter" or is it a final product that is called heaven and earth ?

Neither. The matter would be the finer particle (hydrogen gas for example). The heaven and earth in Gen. 1:1 refers to a raw earth, one void and without form. As has been pointed out, in the original Greek, it meant a wasteland. In the proceeding verses, G-d created the finished product - the heaven and earth we know, with plants, animals, etc - starting with light.

In Gen 1:2 by saying "earth was without form" would imply that their was not nothingness.  The nothingness was before God created in Gen 1:1.

Implying doesn't cut it. Genesis doesn't say anything about 'nothingness' - you have added that yourself.

Could it be that God was this "energy" that you are referring to?

Not all of it.

That is my point Gen 1:1 is talking about these "particles".

God created these "particles" in Gen 1:1.

No, no it doesn't. It doesn't say anything about G-d creating matter, only the earth and it's heaven. You say he created the particles.

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They both seem to indicate "creation" is occuring in Gen 1:1, unless I have mis-understood them.

They believe that matter already existed in Gen 1:1 ... I believe that the matter is being created in Gen 1:1 ...

Correct, matter already existed. The correct translation of Gen. 1:1, though, states that what the Lord used to create heaven and earth was already there - in raw form.

Even if we go with your interpretation that creation starts at 1:1, it still doesn't say matter was created, only our earth and it's heaven.

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A "dessert" in Africa is made of particles of sand, when these particles are processed they can become glass. The particles of sand are "uncreated" but they are still matter that makes up the "created" object of glass.

That's exactly what I've been trying to get across to you. If the glass-maker created the glass - which was void, without form (the glass, itself, that is), the sand still existed. The glass-maker didn't create the sand, just used them to create the glass.

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I believe our difference then becomes what existed prior to this moment in Gen 1:1. I believe that their was "nothingless" (excluding God of course).

Except, that you forget this is merely YOUR belief of how it was. Genesis says no such thing.

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