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John L. Sorenson has just notified some of us that a quadruple 2016 issue (513pp) of the journal Pre-Columbiana is now out.  Can order at http://www.earlysitesresearchsociety.org/our-journal.html .  It always makes for interesting reading.

The editor is retired Univ of Calfornia professor Stephen C. Jett, a non-Mormon scholar who takes a professional interest in Old World - New World diffusion.  Sorenson calls attention to one theme in this issue:


. . . includes reviews of “Some Novels Involving Pre-Columbian Mediterranean-Region Contacts with the New World.” Of nine works treated, one is Book-of-Mormon-related:  
    James Rollins [James Czajkowski]. The Devil Colony: A Sigma Force Novel. (New York: Harper, 2011). Jett provides a full-page summary; here are bits:  “Although the author of this thriller was raised Catholic, the novel’s theme reflects LDS history and stories from the  Book of Mormon.” In 1799 diggers find a partly gold-lined mastodon skull on the metal of which are inscribed a map and Hebrew writing, etc. The diggers are attacked by fake Indians,, but one man escapes and carries the skill to Thomas Jefferson at a time near his death. Now in the very near future, a pair of friends explores in Utah’s Uinta Mountains a geothermal cave sacred to the Ute Indians and find there a horde of Caucasoid cadavers. They are equipped with Damascus-steel knives that reflect nano-technology. With them are stone-boxes  containing gold plates containing  inscribed pro to-Hebrew characters and a gold-plated sabertooth tiger skull that is equipped with “nano wires.” In the skull is a container that contains a highly dangerous nano-Elixir.”  These finds reflect the Nephites, according to Professor Henry Kanosh, a Mormon Shoshone historian and naturalists at BYU. “Needless to say, the government’s secret Sigma Force manages to see the ‘elixir’ destroyed and the Earth is saved.”


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