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Scott Lloyd Please Show Me Courtesy


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Dear Scott,


You do not have to like or be interested in a single sentence or word that I post. But at the very least, despite your disinterest, I request that you show me courtesy. 


In a recent discussion I started your first post was about a phrase the utilized. You disagree with my usage; you are entitled to such disagreement. You and others, have continued to derail a discussion I started. Your conduct lacks in showing me basic courtesy. I ask that you reconsider your conduct in the particular thread I started.


I plead with you refrain to from continuing to derail the discussion. I plead with you show some courtesy and refrain from your derailing dialogue with mfbukoski in the thread I started. If you wish to continue your dialogue with him, please, for the sake of decency and courtesy do so somewhere else; please discontinue to derail a discussion I started. It is too much to ask that you simply ignore a discussion you are not interested in? Is it too much to ask that you not intentionally derail a discussion?


Mark, I would have addressed this to you, but your deliberate very personal insults lead me to question whether it is even worth the attempt.




We don't allow threads like this. 

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