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Joe Spencer on the structure of Alma

Kevin Christensen

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In the first of a series of posts moving toward a feminist reading of the Book of Mormon, Joe Spencer has provided a brilliant analysis of the overall structure of Alma that is very exciting. Insightful in the manner of Alan Goff and Grant Hardy, while offering fresh insights, and increasing my appreciation of the power of the Book of Mormon. For instance, he notes an overall structure that highlights parallels between Nehor and Korihor, contrasts between Ammon and Amalekiah, and parallels between Abish and the stripling warriors.



Kevin Christensen

Pittsburgh, PA

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I'm too busy feeling guilty for being a man to ever go back to FeministMormonHousewives.org

I should go home and watch the kids so my wife can go do something fulfilling. :sorry:

Unfortunately that will never be sufficient to atone for your guilt. Just accept the fact that, being male, you deserve it.

I found the article to be interesting, but I have some reservations about it.



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