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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning! Can anyone point me to the source of an alleged quote by Joseph Smith to the effect of "When I'm speaking as prophet, I'll let you know. The rest of the time I'm just Joe Smith."? THANKS!
  2. Since we are focusing on the restoration and in particular the experiences of Joseph Smith, has anyone considered young Joseph's leg operation as a type of Christ? He was seven years old. Seven can signify the fulfillment of a prophecy, in this case a type of the fulfillment of Christ's Atonement. His body had an infection that needed to be removed. Analogous to sin that needed to be cleansed. He declared that he would do whatever was required to remove the infection...Christ was willing to do whatever was required to remove our sins. The infection was removed by the shedding of a lot of blood. He endured pain that took him to his bodily and spiritual limits. Before the final operation, painful incisions were made in his leg, analogous to a scourging of his body. He was upheld through the experience by His Father. He refused a drink that might have made the ordeal more bearable. During his greatest agony, his concerned turned towards his Mother, by asking her to leave the awful scene. The doctors wanted to amputate his leg, but in the end, not bones were broken. He bore the marks, a limp, of his ordeal for the remainder of his life. Perhaps there are other analogies, and maybe this is a stretch comparison, but Joseph Smith was one of the greatest prophets, if not the greatest prophet to live on the earth. He had unusual spiritual and physical strength to enable him to do the work. For the Lord to use him as a type of himself would not be unusual for a prophet of God.
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