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  1. This whole thing looked bad, like the conclusion was already made and then rushed to avoid bad publicity. It should have been done where she currently lives and she should have been given the opportunity to respond with the leaders defending their actions as well. Reference is made to a court procedure yet normal procedures weren't followed. Maybe it is time to review divorce/excommunication procedures and come up with something less strident and divisive?
  2. I think you used the sexual abuse "what if" question purposefully. You know she is a sex therapist, accused of apostasy, not sexual abuse. You don't know the entire story yet throw that out there recklessly. Also, your resort to calling me a liar is a clear tell.
  3. I'll remember to stay off your lawn and tell my kids to do the same. Do you always accuse those who ask you questions about your motivations of lying? Maybe that says something about why you seemed to bring out the tried and true "the excommunication must be about sexual transgression" meme to support your approval of the Kansas stake taking jurisdiction over this matter? In any case, I think the accused has an obvious disagreement with the church over sex and what is sexual transgression. Her views aren't confined to Kansas and her views follow her personally. As a practicing attorney, t
  4. Ms. Helfer-Parker is part of Dehlin's thrive circle and so he might want to make more out of this than is warranted for publicity sake, you know, giving the church a black eye. She's been away from Kansas for more than 1 1/2 years, so, perhaps she should be tried where she now lives? Does apostasy occur in a specific place or does it reside with the individual? You obviously are assuming that she did something of a sexual nature because she is a sex therapist and so of course that has to be what it is about. But what if it is for apostasy? Apostasy follows the person and so she should be
  5. Isn't she connected to Dehlin? I think it would be better for the church to bend a little on this one, if it is a common practice, and have the Utah stake president take jurisdiction. I know the church leaders don't want to give the impression that SLC has any say in these matters. However, why give Mr. Dehlin any more ammunition?
  6. I thought 20 years of being a "lazy learner" was the bear minimum. LOL. Anyway, I don't see an invitation to work a little at something as offensive, but, perhaps "lazy" and "lax" weren't the best words. I always prefer the positive, let's walk together kind of attitude, but I don't think the above words were meant to offend but to maybe ignite a learning fire and a more dedicated discipleship? In other words, I think it came from a good place and was meant as a general call to everyone to rededicate themselves. He also spoke of not rehearsing doubts as well and I think that was meant alo
  7. No. People can have their own views without offending me. And I think in this case, inviting someone to work at the gospel, gently chiding the lazy learners among us isn't inviting gullibility. It is asking those who are struggling to work a little harder. I don't know President Nelson personally but I assume the "lazy learner" quote comes from a good place.
  8. I don't see what the big deal is with this. I think anything worthwhile takes work and that is what I took from the OP part of the talk. Of course the president of the church is going to assume he has the correct position and is on the correct path. He is the prophet. So it seems perfectly obvious that he would take the position that those who don't follow the correct path are in error and perhaps aren't doing enough, even lazy learners. Perhaps some need to be a little more thick skinned and not so easily offended at this or that? We seem to have gone a little overboard with the victimho
  9. I have to admit that the transparency issue is kind of troubling to me. I get where the church is coming from in not wanting members and others to misinterpret their finances. However, I think that full disclosure would work out fine in the end. Perhaps some might disagree with what the church is doing with tithing funds, but I think once one realizes that financial strength was always an eventuality the fallout will subside. Given that basic contributions are a set percentage regardless of need at any given time means that the church runs at a surplus and gains in wealth over time, assum
  10. How do we determine what is or is not a good source? Is it a conclusion based exercise? There are experts that are pushing back on the covid narrative but they must be quacks because of the wrong conclusion they might posit? Is it harmful to ask questions? Sure, raising questions is not evidence but a place to start and then find the evidence. Pfizer, et al, and the scientists that work at the various companies certainly asked questions about the effectiveness of their vaccines and are still doing so. The AstraZeneca was suspended by some european contries. Do you think the leaders
  11. Prosecutors allege conspiracies all the time in courts around the country. I also heard the mafia existed but I could be wrong? However, you quickly and effectively suggested QAnon, so just forget that I mentioned something that might raise questions regarding the pandemic. Believing leaders wouldn't steer us astray to benefit certain groups does have its benefits.
  12. How about rationally looking at all the evidence and not automatically discounting contrary evidence as conspiracy theory? Is it possible in your mind that the medical profession could be overly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry? There are $billions to be made when scientists and doctors support a particular drug. Maybe that has an effect on decisions and supposed research? The top percent in terms of wealth made out like bandits during the pandemic. Maybe that deserves to be studied? Is it possible that there was some coordination or is that one of those questions that cannot be
  13. I hope we will be able or have the courage to review what went on this last year and rationally discuss everything, including looking at evidence that twitter, facebook, google, etc., deem unworthy. We have had panics before with Zika and other illness that didn't pan out. Perhaps we overreacted here? I think we certainly did. https://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/22/health/22whoop.html
  14. Take a look at Trump's ongoing spat with Romney and look at how the DN, the church's paper, covered that. The DN frowned on Trump during his entire presidency, never pushing back on the russia collusion story and supported Romney's decision to convict Trump. The tone of the article article below is one of relief and I think, along with the last four years coverage, shows that the church owned paper didn't ever support Trump. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/11/7/21554142/election-congressional-leaders-react-presidential-race-jo-biden-mitt-romney-utahns
  15. He shouldn't step down for this peccadillo. Besides, the church was for Biden anyway.
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