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  1. An obvious dig at the volleyball non-incident.
  2. Maybe the brethren need to sell the adventure, the worth of hard work, the growth that happens. I think kids like climbing mountains, pushing themselves to the limit, getting away from parents for a bit. Sell that! What a great experience it was for me. It's been a while, but I used to dream that I was called again to go on a mission and would always wake up excited, ready to attack the day. So what about the history. We have a great family atmosphere to sell where we work together to bring our fellow brothers and sisters to something better than they have now. Man, kids are missing out if they don't go. Two years is such a short time but enough time to gain some independence and enough time to get some experience being an adult.
  3. I hope your last thought is the case. There is a big temptation among attorneys and anyone to lessen damages for a big client and bad news doesn't give anyone a promotion or more compensation. Also, everyone, including the leaders, don't want to see bad publicity caused by idiots in their ranks. Even so, I hope this is the case.
  4. It was in SLC, and my parents were asking about reporting this to the police. This is why the SP counseled not to do it and bring on unwanted publicity that perhaps people like the Tanners could use. A family friend was a high up in the SLC police department and my parents knew of the resources available to report crime.
  5. In my stake, in the 1970's, we had a case where a sex offender committed some horrible acts on some of the youth in the stake. I was a witness to some of it and was counseled by our stake president to let them, the church, handle it. He said he had counseled with some higher authorities and that is what they counseled. This was some time ago but it shows that the policy of keeping things locked up internally has a long history.
  6. I just read Mr. Austin's article in the By Common Consent blog. His changes to the church statement, to focus more on the victims and cleaning up the mess, are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, his suggestions resonate with those in charge. https://bycommonconsent.com/2022/08/05/a-few-minor-and-hopefully-helpful-editing-suggestions-on-the-lds-churchs-recent-statement-about-abuse/
  7. The public square article seems like more of the same hide our eyes so we don't see problems reaction. And so what if we have less abuse? No abuse should be tolerated. There are pedophiles among every population and we aren't immune. Let's just admit this. We are in the middle of trying to settle a huge boy scout lawsuit to the tune of $250,000,000.00 https://www.axios.com/local/salt-lake-city/2022/08/03/latter-day-saint-boy-scout-abuse-settlement-rejected because our systems weren't working there. It doesn't mean that the church is somehow less than, just that we need to be vigilant and need to clean up the mess made by sinful evil people among us. So, let's clean it up already.
  8. To be honest, I have a problem with the booster declaration by you. If you weren't so fearful, perhaps there wouldn't be the need to declare your position? It seems an attempt to validate your decision and nothing more. Why tell us in the first place? Who cares? Just get the booster if you want. Why the need to publicly declare this? Does it matter if we get the vax when it obviously doesn't stop the spread? I get that you have a condition that warrants caution, but why include the rest of us? Unfortunately, the covid vax doesn't work, hence the forever booster regimen being pushed. The data is out there if you care to look. Natural immunity does better. The virus is forever mutating and evading the latest vaccine offerings, just like flu evades the flu vaccine. Seems like we are going down the wrong road here, for pharma profits. Further, Pfizer attempted to hide the vaccine data for 75 years. Does that say something, cause one to perhaps pause?
  9. I'm trying to be diplomatic as you are still very afraid of this, even though it isn't necessary. It has mutated to be pretty benign. I recently had it too and was out for a few days but recovered pretty quickly, just like I have when I have had the flu in the past. However, good for you that you are getting the booster, I guess.
  10. I know you probably don't consider this, but, your specialist is probably vaxed and boosted, yet still contracted covid, still had to suffer through the fatigue.
  11. Isn't the ifr of covid-19 similar to the flu now? And treatments, are similar to the flu, based on symptoms, so what benefit is there to testing and knowing if it is the flu or covid-19? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/treatments-for-severe-illness.html Whether you have the flu or covid-19 or any other respiratory illness, treatments depend on the symptoms.
  12. I thought the series obviously didn't portray us as we are. We aren't like the fundamentalist Laffertys and Utah wasn't like that back in the 80's. The exaggerated portrayal was to make a point that fundamentalist mormon religion could lead to what the Laffertys did and that .... dun da dunnnn ... it could happen today. However, any group has its sociopaths and psychopaths. There are crazies in any society and it is assured that those crazies will be part of any society as it gets bigger. Everyone has ancestors that are great people and criminals. It is just part of reality.
  13. This sounds about right. There are always politicians/evangelists in every group. Some people are hard wired to want to get people to join in whatever they are doing at the moment.
  14. Being frank and open is a nice change from what it was in the past.
  15. Theoretically politics shouldn't enter the equation. However it has. It starts with regulatory capture of the FDA by the pharmaceutical companies and then through campaign donations to the various candidates on both sides. Then it results in the FDA wanting 75 years to disclose the documents Pfizer gave it to authorize the Pfizer covid vaccine. It looks like it wants 75 years, because Pfizer wants 75 years .... for some reason.
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