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  1. Beautiful. I'm experiencing that realization at the moment.
  2. Correction (I swapped terms, oops): They aren't convexities (particles, crests) that can be replicated in a lab; they are concave processes (waves, troughs).
  3. "Superstitious Customs and Divining Methods" (what could be called "Randomizing Elements") are at the core of reality and the foundation of human culture. Religion can't fight with modern science and it's a mistake to expect them to; They play different games. Science is in the business of classifying events that can be noticed, repeated, studied, improved , isolated and thus producible ad infinitum. Attempting the same with spirituality is like trying to catch a river with a lasso. All you get back get is a soggy rope and the water keeps going. These "ritualistic" methods.... They aren't concavities (particles, crests) that can be replicated in a lab; they are convex processes (waves, troughs) that allow one to see the reflection of their own being in that exact moment of time--- something that only ever happens once in the universe. We can't find a way to actually peek into someone subjective experience, thus science is blind to this. All tangible certainty is out the window. And that's good-- the ego must be silence for the River Life to speak... A randomizer props your next decision up against a wall, fork or split. When the device or channel makes a decision, your subconscious reacts naturally to the result and--- gotcha! A deeper, intuitive judgment reveals its self-- intension has pierce the dissonance of uncertainty. The 19th century was the formative phase of American culture, and were the tools available to a prophet/shaman/diviner at the time. Please examine the spiritual soil on which the seeds were planted.
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