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  1. This is shortsighted for residents. It will be developed eventually. The church has an interest in having a nice development around the temple. The Church will do a better job than most private developers because their primary motive is not profit. If the church were to sell the land it would be developed more densely. If the residents want less density, they should hope the Church develops the property rather than selling it. In my community, the Church sold vacant land surrounding my chapel to a private developer which filled in as densely as the city would allow.
  2. McKenna filed some documents in response to the Court Order. They are sealed so it is impossible to know whether she has done enough to comply with the Court's orders.
  3. The opposition is proportional to the growth of the church. When the Church was growing in California other churches regularly sponsored programs about us. I suspect that is still happening in South America and Africa but not so much in Norht America. We are not a threat to other churches in North America. Their bigger threat is people not believing in God, the Bible or "organized religion" at all.
  4. Of course the Bishop ceases to be "Father of our Ward" upon release, and certainly upon excommunication.
  5. The shooter, Jessie K., Taggart is a son of Julie Taggart one of the plaintiffs in the Chris Nemelka lawsuit against the church. Jessie appears to also be a follower of Chris Nemelka.
  6. One day I was sitting alone in the CougarEat and President Holland came and sat down across from me in the booth and made small talk. He was very genuine. I later became involved with ASBYU and spoke with him several times at meetings and he even remembered my name sometimes, but did not pretend when he did not. He did not need to do that with all that he had on his plate but he made an effort to reach students.
  7. I don't think it says white shirts and ties are insensitive. I think they are saying the same dress code does not make sense in all cultures.
  8. I appreciate SMAC's post because they are subtantive. Like me, he has the disability of a legal training, but that is very helpful when it comes to evaluating a lawsuit. SMAC is better than I am at explaining these lawsuits in layman terms - this is hardly a rhetorical trick. From a legal standpoint I find that I agree with almost all of his analysis. Explaining how the court views this lawsuits is helpful for lay people. The media descriptions of lawsuits is almost always wrong and people that can only read what is written by reporters will often not have an accurate view of what is happe
  9. Hard to argue with that statement. Men and women of all persuasions feel that same.
  10. Brett Eliason is apparently unhappy with the Utah Judges who granted a continuance to the Church. Brett has now taken his action on the road to Colorado where he filed this action: Colorado Complaint.pdf
  11. Order Dismissing Complaint.pdf Judge Shelby's opinion is well reasoned and is a clear rejection of Burningham's complaint. The Court is giving her a chance to try again, but I have a hard time seeing how she can amend her complaint to survive his analysis in this opinion.
  12. Someone asked if Brett Eliason was a lawyer or had legal training. I can assure you he has none. His pleadings demonstrate no understanding of the law. His facebook posts are replete with inaccurate legal statements. As far as the facts of his case, they are also incongruent and (combined with his facebook history ) set forth a lot of problems for his most recent case. He has already attempted legal recourse against his family and Kirton McConnkie without success. Brett deserves help and probably sympathy, but there is no legal recourse for what ails him. I loved this quote
  13. The Church's motion to dismiss the Gaddy lawsuit has been briefed and argued and is currently under submission. Any idea how long the District Judge will take to rule in a case like this?
  14. Mediation allows the parties to settle the matter without the Court ruling. Judges favor allowing the parties to resolve issues. Judge Romero is likely a good choice to act as a neutral in the matter to give Denson a final lifeline. However, all settlements in a mediation like this are voluntary. Neither side is required to agree to unreasonable terms. I do not expect the Church to write any check without some strings attached to prevent further false claims. To the extent some of her allegations may be true, I expect the Church would like to provide some kind of help and compensation.
  15. I think that is the policy of the church. The Church only settles cases where there is liability. It has had the effect of making competent attorney's reluctant to take contingency cases against the Church except when the grounds are really solid. They know there is not quick payday for a weak case. On the other hand, cases filed by marginal attorneys are like the whack a mole game. Marginal attorneys file weak case frequently and Church 's attorneys knock them down as fast they can, but the process never ends and will not end before the second coming.
  16. I am male. I do not remember a formal lecture. I went through with my father, who was my bishop. He explained the garment to me. He told me it was ok to wear an athletic supporter under the temple garment or to not wear the garment while engaged in physical activity. This was in the one piece era.
  17. If this is a change, it is conforming to the way most people wear the garments anyway. I thought that was always the rule that personal choice allowed this. I was endowed in 1977.
  18. The name plaintiff shares an address with Christopher Mark Nemelka.
  19. Mr. Vessels has previously represented Chris Nemelka.
  20. A further update. The plaintiffs are all followers of Chris Nemelka. https://www.cityweekly.net/utah/sealed-fate/Content?oid=2152358&storyPage=3
  21. I also read the complaint. I would summarize the complaint as 1) doctrinally shallow and 2) woefully inadequate from a legal standpoint. This might obtain some exmo play from those who are not well versed in doctrine. They will get even less mileage in the Court. This complaint as worded does not state a legally cognizable claim for relief. This will be another field day for Kirton McConkie or whatever firm ends up defending for the Church.
  22. It is ironic that they want to lift the privilege of clergy but not of lawyers or mental health professionals.
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