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  1. This is shortsighted for residents. It will be developed eventually. The church has an interest in having a nice development around the temple. The Church will do a better job than most private developers because their primary motive is not profit. If the church were to sell the land it would be developed more densely. If the residents want less density, they should hope the Church develops the property rather than selling it. In my community, the Church sold vacant land surrounding my chapel to a private developer which filled in as densely as the city would allow.
  2. McKenna filed some documents in response to the Court Order. They are sealed so it is impossible to know whether she has done enough to comply with the Court's orders.
  3. The opposition is proportional to the growth of the church. When the Church was growing in California other churches regularly sponsored programs about us. I suspect that is still happening in South America and Africa but not so much in Norht America. We are not a threat to other churches in North America. Their bigger threat is people not believing in God, the Bible or "organized religion" at all.
  4. Of course the Bishop ceases to be "Father of our Ward" upon release, and certainly upon excommunication.
  5. The shooter, Jessie K., Taggart is a son of Julie Taggart one of the plaintiffs in the Chris Nemelka lawsuit against the church. Jessie appears to also be a follower of Chris Nemelka.
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