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  1. Bless your children anyway. No oil needed. No church leader can tell you you cannot bless and pray for your child. It is just as effective as some dude down the street coming over with some other dude to do it for you. Probably more effective coming from the mother anyway.
  2. Bednar still has a hang up about ear piercings. Enough to essentially trash talk a young lady in a byu devotional re the fake rule.
  3. I have been taught tattoos were “against our religion” and a sign of a sinner long before Hinkley was the prophet. I doubt it is in print anywhere before that but in my mind as a youth a tattoo, cigarette, beer, Pepsi, long hair etc were all indicators of a bad person. Product of my environment. I got some tattoos in the military and my mother has never gotten over it. Given how it was reacted to I should have just got naked women tattoos on my forearms ad I wouldn’t have been treated any differently. All tattoos are evil lol.
  4. It still isn’t a commandment now. Says exact same thing. I guess none of our past prophets felt it important enough to change d&c to reflect the alleged change. I’m thinking it was never intended to be any more than smith treated it. After all he is the one who received the revelation he ought to know.
  5. I think Turley knew about it. He was one of smiths body guards and next door neighbor. Smith even let Turley open a brewery or some such thing… wow not withstanding lol.
  6. Dunn caught a free pass. Lied to the entire world under the color of the priesthood and walked with a pension and emeritus status. I have more respect to an adulterer. At least they generally only lie to one person instead of an entire church and prospective converts. Should have been exed.
  7. Apparently monson isn’t as forgiving as smith… like it is their job to forgive for anything. That’s what Jesus is for.
  8. Turley was first convicted by a church council of adultery/ fornication with two women. Then was brought into the council of fifty. Possibly the light sentence was because he knew of JS polygamy. Later Turley married three sisters one of who left her living husband in England and married Turley here in the us. (Speculating here but I wonder if he met her on his mission). imagine getting zinged in a church court these days as a married man for two counts of adultery and they promote you lol?! Talk about corruption. Just makes me glad we do not live in a theocracy esp a Mormon one. I’m sure the connected get a break theses days as well so long as the public doesn’t know about it.
  9. Joseph Smith married a mother and her daughter – Patty Bartlett Sessions and Sylvia Sessions Lyon
  10. Amen…. “Welcome to Mel’s Diner. Would you like a coke? Yes I’d love one. Ok what flavor? I’ll have a root beer please.”
  11. I noticed that as well. The real choir is pretty much all white. I think black people make the singing waaaay too fun and entertaining and we can’t have that. Like cowbell, we need more Gladys knight.
  12. Everyone but them are social distanced from what I can see. There is empirical evidence which supports the fact that masks, vaccines and natural immunity do not stop the spread of COVID. At best if one gets it who is vaccinated they generally don’t get as sick. Thus- one should always social distance with those you do not live with. Last I heard that is the drill the medical community says is the best practice. myself? I don’t really care about it all. I am forced to wear a mask at work but I can’t social distance because of the nature of my work. It is a hand on job with people. I’ve had COVID twice so I’m over it. Just surprised the entire conference center is social distance EXCEPT for the 12 and 1st pres. If they know better perhaps they should share the info.
  13. Since none of us know maybe it’s time for some members to stop crying about people who don’t social distance, wear a mask or may or may not be vaccinated… since we are gonna just assume the best always. We can also assume the best among our neighbors whether they are apostles or not. I agree they prob are vaccinated and tested reg.
  14. And everyone but the fifteen are socially distanced. They are literally sitting shoulder to shoulder. Unless my eyes are lying.
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