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  1. Did you read what I wrote? You put a placeholder there that says they were taken down because they were lies. That’s no coverup. You got to be kidding me.
  2. Remember there is a population of Mormons who will defend absolutely anything a general authority or prophet does even if it is wrong. I have no idea if Nelson lied or not but I do know there is a population of Mormons who would defend literally any bad conduct- no matter what it is. there are other forums where you can get a million miles out of this.
  3. No malicious intent? He used his platform and position in the church to enrich himself with those same lies. The devil would be proud for sure.
  4. So by that measure; “no malicious intent” should our missionaries lie to potential converts? I mean it would be good for them to join the church right? Even under false pretenses?
  5. If they were just stories why did the church fire him?
  6. An apostle / seventy / general authority or anyone for that matter telling lies in order to instill faith without disclosure they are not true is not the work of satan? Just stories? Need to tell people they are just parables or what not so they know it is made up and is an object lesson. Then at least they can decide how that makes them feel instead of fake stories passed off as real experiences. please tell me how the lord approves of telling lies in order to spread the gospel.
  7. Just goes to show even the devil can make someone feel the spirit.
  8. Yep with a runway 5502ft long x 75’ wide just on one leg of it probably looks about the same as it did then. additionally, if the runway was widened by just 15 ft an airforce c17 could land and takeoff from delta with runway length to spare. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/1529726/c-17-globemaster-iii/ might be a small airfield but in no way could be confused for just some random field.
  9. True and somehow the church has felt it to be ok to keep his conference talks posted. I mean who knows what is fact or fiction in those talks? It took a reporter and a few suspicious people to investigate and put Dunn out to pasture but for a couple decades not one apostle or prophet could figure out he was full of it. Just wonder why they keep his material up there instead of a placeholder stating something to the effect of “this guy is a liar and since we don’t know what he said is true or false the entirety of his talks have been removed to prevent any further deception.”
  10. The fbi investigates any death which could possibly be a homicide or suspicious which occurs on a reservation. A fatal traffic accident resulting from either impaired driving or reckless driving is a homicide aka manslaughter.
  11. Our high councilor spoke briefly in sacrament mtg today. Said the area auth lifted all restrictions and next week we are back to normal. No one in my ward has worn a mask in several months except whoever is doing the sacrament. In two weeks my stake is hosting a super spreader at all it’s buildings - in person stake conference. Our area had 1500 daily new COVID cases just two days ago. In two weeks it will easily be north of 6000 as it has been doubling by the week. That is some awesome compounding right there. I feel this decision to hold in person conference is definitely inspired. Most people here are not sweating a flu that has a 98% survival rate. My whole family got it last year to include myself. No drama and that includes two elderly people with high bp and the other with emphysema. No hospitalizations. Amazing we all got it despite following mask, distancing and everything else. I do have two friends who nearly died from it. One is a 300 pounder with diabetes and the other is a smoker. if I can opt out the mask this time I will. Not sure on the jab yet. COVID for me wasn’t bad enough for me to get an experimental drug.
  12. Ok… mmm I’ll retract the liar statement. Not transparent is nicer I guess.
  13. I’m going to refuse the cfr. The claim you want me to cfr was never made by me so no obligation on my part. Report me if you like but the statement I’m posting directly below is your work not mine so perhaps the burden of a cfr is on you. You should probably just forget about it. That statement is completely made up. “CFR they saved money by paying off all company’s customers instead of just cutting that group adrift and using other funds to cover GS’ needs.”
  14. Cfr where I wrote this. Quote me. You don’t need to make up things. I never wrote that. You should retract this.
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