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  1. Because it shows how racist the church policy was on race/ priesthood in a very unvarnished way. Also illustrates how the policy was actually doctrine as opposed to just men being men as the current dogma would have one believe. the talk conveniently avoids the role the church played in perpetuating that racism within its ranks. It needs to be talked about OPENLY. my own brother was taught to only teach blacks in brazil if they could not find anyone else to talk to... better yet do nothing instead of teaching them. That is pretty darn racist if you ask pretty much anyone e
  2. The next talk needs to discuss this exchange between DR Lowry and the 1st Presidency. https://archive.org/stream/LowryNelson1stPresidencyExchange/Lowry_Nelson_1st_Presidency_Exchange_djvu.txt
  3. I can’t remember the last time any stake or ward I have been in has had one. Anyway have not really been to one since maybe the 80s and we did have them often. I’m still living in mormonville so maybe it’s just not a thing anymore.
  4. Good luck. The church will build another >$billion mall before it hands out more money to charities. Remember they fired thousands of janitors around the world to save money. Many of them were of such a mental state that I’d be surprised if they could get productive work anywhere else. At least in my limited experience a few of our janitors were that way. Funny thing is the church buildings are actually clean as opposed to the mess many in my area are now.
  5. You had three whole reactions to your post. Hardly an overwhelming endorsement of your reaction lol. There are only about 50 Ish people even viewing posts at the moment. No one is looking much less making an effort to “me too” you post. anyway you can relax
  6. You need to get back on your high blood pressure meds. Obviously you don’t have much of a sense for sarcasm.
  7. French speaking in az!? Ha lol. I have lived here over fifty years never heard of such a thing. I have an extremely high public contact job for past thirty years and have run into maybe one French speaker... a tourist probably wanting directions to the Grand Canyon. I am all over the state so I would have run into this by now.
  8. It was only specific to the doubters who are lazy learners. The takeaway though is that all doubters are lazy.
  9. Perhaps but if people listened to the prophet on this one they can quote him. He presented no caveat which said not to use it. He used it to create a divide amongst the membership. People can say whatever they want about intent but the bloggernacles are running hot with this one. If he didn’t mean it in a negative way or to give the good members who don’t doubt a reason to judge and avoid others, he needs a new speech writer or the inspiration he got at night wasn’t written down accurately. The messaging sucks but I think it was what he wanted.
  10. Culturally, Mormons use the statements of prophets to judge everyone else. Just the way it is.
  11. If a member uses pres Nelson’s statement to label others, a leader would be contradicting the prophet in criticizing it. Regardless of what pres Nelson meant, without elaboration and clarity members are free to run with it. A bishop who shoots it down is criticizing the prophet. Hopefully that is clear now.
  12. True, but there is virtually no leadership anywhere with the nerve to do it cuz they cant contradict the prophet.
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