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  1. Anyway gentleman check out Mormonstories where Ritner just gave an excellent discussion on Fac 1. I wonder if the Fac had not been damaged and displayed the reclining figure holding his penis what Joseph Smith would have made of that. Ritner said in the video that on some sites in Egypt the penis has been scratched out.
  2. Bushman did not list the Spring 1969 Dialogue round table on the revival question in Rough Stone Rolling. Bushman admits that the members of the Smith family may have joined the Presbyterian church as the result of a revival in 1823-24 rather than 1820. See page 570 fnote 30 of RSR. He mentions Inventing Mormonism. Walters did not think much of Backmans scholarship. Backman ignored his paper in his book on the FV. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bhfqw-hluxkkYV1xG_51zBeXl-Q6-S1stq4QBVGXqkc/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/17tMmblylKNZYQVXKZZjiu8pTvtmlck0X6y8K20CC464/edit?usp=sharing Smith misunderstood Jonah where it reads "God repented" which actually means God changed his mind"relented" I got some notes somewhere which I will dig up. In Smith's "revision" harmonization" in Matthew 28 does it not sound strange that he adds another angel and has them talking to the Marys at the same time. (weird) In Mark's account he again has two angels sitting on the rock but omits the mention of the man inside. In Luke the two men inside are shifted outside and standing by. In Luke (KJV) they go inside but in IV they must have slipped off the rock and were standing by it v.2. In John 20 Mary by herself arrives sees the stone rolled away and leaves to get Peter and John. I must ask Bart on his blog if he is aware of these unusual accounts in the IV>
  3. Bart has spoken about a number of contradictions in the gospels none of which have been solved by Smith in the IV. In Richard Howard's Restoration Scriptures there are photos of pages of the manuscript where Smith wrote "correct". In Isaiah 29 he even added some verses. The great Isaiah scroll does not have them.
  4. They are losing the battle with secular critics. Enough critics within the LDS church wanting to treat the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham as not literal history.
  5. Maybe Mary was "cognitively" ok like Trump so she could relay the exact words the angel(s)spoke to the gospel writer.
  6. Bart Ehrman is scheduled to speak at Sunstone. I have followed his debates on Youtube with various evangelical scholars, like Dr Craig and Craig Evans. Bart encourages us to read the gospels horizontally. One can do this with the resurrection stories and find some interesting differences.Matthew has the angel sitting on the rock, Mark has an one angel inside and Luke has the women meet two angels inside while John makes no mention of meeting angels outside or inside. Read Matthew 28: in the inspired version. Two angels are sitting on the rock. Look at verses 4-5. The angels are speaking the same words at the same time. In Mark and Luke there is no mention of meeting one or two angels inside.Interesting changes.
  7. Something I found of interest. " “When we are confronted with evidence that challenges our deeply held beliefs we are more likely to reframe the evidence than we are to alter our beliefs. We simply invent new reasons, new justifications, new explanations. Sometimes we ignore the evidence altogether.” ― Matthew Syed, Black Box Thinking: Why Most People Never Learn from Their Mistakes--But Some Do Would new explanations be "missing papyri" "catalyst"?
  8. "I tried to have a civil conversation with him (Smith)
  9. While Brodie is fine to read another is Ronald Numbers book Prophetess of Health :A study of Ellen G White. The SDAs have gone through some difficulties in revelations that some of her writings were plagiarized from material available in her library. Jonatham Butler in an Introduction The Historian as Heretic discusses the problem historians find the story presented by the church is not always accurate. Saints then is really devotional literature. Unless they are interested they are not going to delve the thorny areas. The benefits of community are more valuable then historical issues.
  10. It seems he found evidence for Lane way back in 1947.
  11. C A Steve you might find this of interest https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rj6SyCm4m1uK2W4YZ-2o3W0_AnaQSmEjP5a8GCT08Rc/edit
  12. LOL i wondered how long it would take for you to comment. Saints is a history book. I made my way to the distribution center to get a copy. I want to get volume 2 but because of the lock down that will have to wait. Among the videos accompanying Vol 2 is a corny one on plural marriage (polygamy). I have to say the woman talking sounds quite corny. I have not finished it as yet but would like to know if she mentions polyandry. There is a possibility that Smith was married to a woman who was living with her legal husband and she told her daughter that Joseph was her father. DNA evidence seems to have put the claim to bed. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/inspiration/latter-day-saints-channel/listen/series/saints/30-plural-marriage-in-nauvoo?lang=eng&fbclid=IwAR0Sd_kPjgnN0hAqO5JRFnCq33m8PNHJWCrZgaAvVkKeKd6WvqMR6P6_2c4
  13. In Saints volume 1 there is no mentions of Backman's book on the FV on the bibliography. The same no list of Stephen Harper's work who I though was the go to guy for the FV since Backman has passed away.
  14. Andrew Cooke and Christopher Smith demolished the "missing scroll" theory. Anyone know of a response from Gee to this matter?
  15. Anyway I am going to cease responding not because I think you have made a case but my energy at my age I would rather use for other things. Any material I have I supply to those who are younger and have better skills at writing than me. It is IMO a waste of time spending my time in lock down arguing on the MAD board. If you think I am retreating in the face of your arguments knock yourself out. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1XiUMbe-xIdsLWx3Mv7jACDxZuDMnQe320VsyoJukq8c/edit?ths=true
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