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  1. Hello I read your paper in Dialogue Egyptology and the Book of Abraham. I wondered if youhad read a paper by Tamas Mekis "Some Reflections on the funerary Equipment of Paiuhor. There he has Registers similar to that of figures 5 6 & .These are Hypocephalus Louvre N 3527 and Turin cat no. 2321 Musei Antichita Egiie diTorino. Figure 2 can be found in Vienna AS 253 /1 Turincat.no. 2321 Louvre E 26834a Anything compatible with Smith's interpretation?
  2. I wish I could get inside the head of some LDS who still believe the BOA is scripture. For example the recovered copy of Fac 1 has the head of the standing figure minus a head. Scholars outside LDS apologetic sources tell us it should be the Jackal headed god Anubis. Baer said there are no fibers in the glue of the missing head suggesting there was never a head there in the first place. KerryM suggests the figure on the couch has two hands in the air. Others say one hand and the other is the wing of a bird.I searched for something on how the Egyptians drew hands and it was suggested the fin
  3. David Bokavoy wrote the following on FB stating that he plans it seems to publish something on the BOA. " “And Haran died before his father Terah in the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Chaldees.” The description “of the Chaldeans” added to Ur designates Ur with southern Mesopotamia. All of the Genesis references to “Chaldees” derive from the Priestly source (for those familiar with the Documentary Hypothesis). It’s difficult for scholars to date this material from the Pentateuch, but an early form of the text was probably composed during the sixth century BCE.
  4. The issue has been settled except for a couple of "Egyptologists" at BYU. I hope Ritner health improves and he can have a interesting discussion with Kerry.
  5. So it does not disturb you that he got nothing really right in his interpretations of the facsimiles?
  6. Here are a couple of examples of scenes similar to facsimile 3 provided to me by an Egyptologist https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hy48-P-YZQpzOKaRyyzMZ2Zvko01NJUlwAZD39OJ5qM/edit Notes his comment " So in my opinion, in Facsimile 3 the human head of the black bodied god is again a modern addition to the ancient papyrus.
  7. Fac 3 The printer did it without the knowledge or input of Joseph Smith. Interesting addition to "the scribes did it"
  8. This paper which I given permission to share has examples of hypocephalus similar to that of Fac 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xoKNOA7zhO5jPKdztEjzc-1IH2y6eBlG/view I have given access to anyone clicking on this url. Page 275 discusses figure 7 which is Nehebkau.Has Kerry ever dealt with these section of fac 2? This figure has legs and in one example displays a penis.
  9. David Bokavoy on FB summed the response by Kerry such " Throughout the three-part series with Egyptologist Dr. Robert Ritner and John Dehlin/RFM, Ritner expresses his frustration that Mormon apologists often treat him as a “persona incognito”-- that they will allude to his work, but never even give him the dignity to actually mention his name; this despite the fact that he is one of the foremost Egyptologists in the world. Dr. Ritner: “They [the LDS Church] in the meantime had cosponsored a series of additional volumes that faile
  10. Tamis Mekis gave me permission to upload his paper which deals with things like hypocephalus. Some of it deals with examples that are similar to figures 5 6 & 7 in Fac 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xoKNOA7zhO5jPKdztEjzc-1IH2y6eBlG/view
  11. A FB friend who is studying this said regarding the "two" hands " The main problem that i see (which I didn't see addressed) was the different length of fingers.Egyptians almost ALWAYS drew hands with fingers the same length. This is done on the lower hand which shows that this is how the artist who produced this scene drew hands. The upper "hand" looks like a wing tip"
  12. Numbers 22 and 23 do not appear in hand drawing of Fac 2 In the copies I have of the hypocephalus the figure in the middle has multiple (more than 2) heads. Do you have examples of the restoration by Smith of two heads?
  13. Figure 3 is wrong. This space on the sketch of the facsimile is vacant and Smith took a drawing from another mummy (Falcon god ra) Examples of similar hydrocephalus Vienna AS23 a/1 Turin cat no. 2322 Turin cat no. 2321 have a boat with "scarab (kheper) beetle" which " was one of the most popular amulets in ancient Egypt because the insect was a symbol of the sun god Re. This association evolved from the Egyptians' misunderstanding of the scarab's life cycle. An adult beetle lays its eggs inside a ball of dung, which is then buried underground"
  14. " Dear Noel, First and foremost we must state that the hypocephalus of Joseph Smith is a late fourth or early third century BC product (suggested by fine analogies with precise datation) . Was prepared by Egyptian priests, more precisely belonging to the closed Amun-Re priesthood. So when somebody tries to find analogies of an iconographical element in other cultures (Jewish, Hellenistic, Roman) I am a bit sceptical. Nehebkau has excellent documentation as for his role in the Amun-Re rites in the period (See my reference to Taharka's edifice in Karnak and the Persian time Hibis Tem
  15. Stay tuned I sent off Mr Smith's explanation to a real Egyptologist for comment
  16. The Holy Ghost in fac 2 is not a bird but a snake with legs.(Nehebkau) In one example the snake like Min is displaying a penis.
  17. "The relegating of Figs. 8 to 20 to the realm of top-secret or forbidden things is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the hypocephali, which bear such formulas as, "O Amon of Amons who is in heaven on high, turn thy face to thy Son...This book is the greatest of secrets, do not let anyone see it: It is a crime ta know it; whoever makes a copy of it must hide it.," etc. Concealing messages and numbers, especially numbers, by cryptograms is part of the game" No Smith just ran out of ideas
  18. Tamas Mekis writes "The next figure is Nehebkau who offers the wedjat-eye to the sitting deity before him" Nehabkau is identified with the Atum -serpent " Some Reflections on the funerary equipment of Paiuhor
  19. I am curious as to your response to the fact that much of fac 2 can be found in other hypocephalus and different interpretation to that of Smith.Especially figures 5 6 & 7.
  20. My FB friend says " The only other possibility is Hathor. Toward the time that this was produced (Ptolmeic/Roman times) Hathor and Isis had more or less fused together. Clearly it's Isis in some form.They may be able to say the hieroglyphs identifying her are illegible, but that's Isis/Hathor.The scene is without question pagan Egyptian funerary document. Without question Isis, Osiris, Maat, Hor (the deceased) Anubis. But if anyone is not famili
  21. The same FB friend said "f you look closely at the two "hands" it's clear that the bottom one is a hand. For over a thousand years hands were consistently drawn with fingers the same length--the ends of the fingertips making a straight line. The upper "hand" is clearly not an Egyptian rendering of a hand, it is a wing tip. If you look closely you can see two "speckles" on it like the speckles on the ba-bird."
  22. This is some what different in regards to the snake
  23. When you look at the copy in the Alphabet and Grammer the head of the snake is only present .
  24. A FB friend who tells me she has done some studied in the languages sent me examples of hypocephalus which has great similarity to Fac 2 especially figures 5 6 & 7. What looks like the head of a bird is actually the top of the body of a snake with legs. In the attached example both the snake and the seated figure have a penis displayed.
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