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  1. Thanks for your reply, Jim. When you look at the Standard Works there is very little on which to base a hope of advancing from one kingdom to another. Many modern prophets and apostles have spoken both for and against the idea of progressing from kingdom to kingdom. Additional, clarifying revelation is required to put the matter to rest. However, as far as I am aware, there isn't disagreement about opportunity to progress, repent, and change in the Postmortal Spirit World. As recently as the April 2020 LDS General Conference, Elder Dallin H. Oaks taught "our progress need not conclud
  2. Good questions and good thoughts. We know that when we die the same spirit/attitudes/inclinations we had in life will continue with us in the hereafter but there is still opportunity for learning and repentance in the postmortal spirit world. What we will want to do can change as we continue learning and gaining knowledge and experience. Is that continued opportunity to change limited to the postmortal spirit world before the Final Judgment or will it continue in one of the three kingdoms of glory? IDK (but desperately want to know!) :O) Thanks for your reply.
  3. I agree they will be happier and that think that God will give them everything they are able and willing to receive (whatever that means in a Telestial or Terrestrial context). As for progressing from one kingdom to the next, I've always thought that in line with the doctrine of eternal progression, as a person continues to learn and gain experience on earth and in the spirit world (and hopefully in the kingdoms of glory?), their perspective and understanding will grow and they will see what they are missing out on by choosing to live the laws that qualify them only for the Telestial or Terre
  4. ROFL! I love it! Humorous, and true since eternal increase (of ones family) only continues in the Celestial Kingdom.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I too have wondered about the point and purpose of the ministering of those in the Celestial to those in the Terrestrial and those in the Terrestrial ministering to those in the Telestial if it is not to teach them and help them further learn, grow, and repent so they can then move up to a higher kingdom. An interesting quote (below) I came across attributed to Apostle J. Reuben Clark, Jr. infers progression from kingdom to kingdom is possible: I am not a strict constructionalist, believing that we seal our eternal progress by what we do here. It is
  6. Thanks! It is one of my favorite movies as well. For those who don't know what movie Rajah is referencing, it is The Man Who Would be King (came out in 1975).
  7. All, Please help me out. I've been troubled for many years by the question of the status of those who qualify only for the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms. Will these people be allowed to grow, repent, progress, and eventually move up to the Celestial Kingdom, or will they remain in their assigned kingdom for eternity? If progressing from kingdom to kingdom is not possible, then, what will those who inherit the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms do for all eternity?
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