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  1. Jesus' person, work and teaching are known to us through the Gospels. Acts and the Epistles continue to flesh out the way that believers are to live out His teaching, while gathering together in community. "Jesus" people like me (ie 'Christians' or 'Christ-followers') take the New Testament very seriously, and definitely do not "reject" it. I also strongly believe in the need for all members of a specific Christian community to respect, honour, and adhere to the guidance of the pastoral leadership/ elders of that community. I think this is generally understood and practiced by believer
  2. Having read this thread so far, I'm hoping it's okay for me to chime in my with my thoughts and comments from my own perspective (which is very similar to that of Navidad). I too am a non-LDS Christian with a very wide background of Christian ministry and experience (now part of a Mennonite church community), who believes that eternal life is equally available for anyone, irrespective of church affiliation, as Jesus alone sees and has the ultimate authority to judge our hearts. I hear the protestations from LDS folk that they are not exclusive, and yet I believe you are, as I understand
  3. I thought it may be helpful to include here a few paragraphs from the Articles of Faith and Doctrine of the church denomination I currently attend and serve (Brethren in Christ) as a means of supporting what Navidad has written about how Protestants in general view the church as a community of believers. While this description is of a congregation ... a visible community assembling and sharing life together ... such a congregation is only one part of the vast wider Body of Christ, consisting of all individuals who have made personal commitment of faith to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord (as
  4. Navidad, as a fellow non-LDS Christian, I can see how thoughtfully and carefully you constructed your list of essentials, and I agree with everything you've said here. For a bit of context about myself, I am not a resident nor a citizen of The United States. I have extensive theological education, have been part of an interdenominational, international Missions organization for over three decades (including 15 years as a missionary in Africa), and have spent many years in church leadership and ministry in the Western world. (What I really mean to say here is that I've been around C
  5. Calm, I identify with your attitude of knowing so little in this vast world and eternities to come, where God is infinite and both our part and our understanding is tiny and finite. (If I've mischaracterized what you said or intended, I'm sorry.) And in this time and space, amidst the unknowing, I feel that we share an assurance and an inheritance based on our faith in Jesus Christ. I love how your mind works ... expansively and scientifically, it seems to me. Very often, I'm simply content to rest in Jesus, content that I'm our Father's child, and trusting that all will be well.
  6. Hi Stargazer, I appreciate your response here. Though it's rare, I have been told by a couple of LDS folk that we non-LDS Christians are not "true" Christians. One occasion was about 20 years ago when I was taking a small group of missionaries out for lunch on their Prep day. (I think there were 5 of them ... two companionships, with one group being a group of 3 temporarily.) I had come to know two of these missionaries very well, and they knew me. As we were talking about our faith in Jesus Christ, one missionary whom I had not met before took exception to my being part of this
  7. The words above, written by Navidad (especially those I bolded), are of great interest to me as a non-LDS Christian. They ring true. I remember a time (going back almost 50 years in my own awareness) when we non-LDS Christians by and large were wondering whether LDS believers were truly Christians. And now we've come full circle, and find that LDS believers do not consider us as true Christians. (I know I'm greatly simplifying here, but I think that this stark statement is true in essence and import.) And I find that I'd rather be on this side than that. I'd rather be inclusive t
  8. Navidad, I am praying for your wife. She sounds like a wonderful, dear, sweet woman full of God's Spirit and grace. May you have many more years together ... and may you have joy in each other, and with your family and friends. It is good to see the prayer support you have here among friends on this board.
  9. Ahab, I don't think a feeling of sorrow as Navidad expresses, is very common at all when it comes to non-LDS Christians, many of whom wouldn't have reason to think or care about the differences between our beliefs regarding Christian identity. I do think it's quite rare for non-LDS Christians to think deeply about those differences, and also to firmly believe, as Navidad does, that we both are fully secure in Christ. I share that with him. I especially feel his sorrow when I think of his constant and close interactions with LDS believers. I don't think I'd be able to enter into a churc
  10. Navidad, as a fellow non-LDS Christian, I have to say that I share your sorrow. I have been reading this thread, and wasn't going to enter the conversation ... especially since I very, very rarely post anything here. But I want you to know that there's at least one other person who reads both what you've written, and the responses to you, in empathy, solidarity and understanding with you. And, with you, I deeply appreciate those LDS members here who have shown a willingness to be generous, open and compassionate in their conversation with you.
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