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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful answers. These have been very helpful. I think it makes sense that if some were deemed irreversibly lost during the pre-earth life some could have also been deemed irreversibly exalted. Only those spirits should be allowed to die prior to reaching the age of accountability and no others, and while as Smac97 pointed out we don't believe in predetermination, God is able to control this without interfering with the agency of others though his omnipotent knowledge of what would happen in all situations and then changing the situations accordingly if need be.
  2. My understanding is that those born during the millennium will still be accountable for their actions knowing good and evil, and that satan is "bound" only due to the righteous choices of people.
  3. Wanted to bring up some thoughts and questions I've had about agency and predestination, in the hope that maybe some of you would have some insightful thoughts about this. How do you reconcile our belief in agency with the belief that children who die before the age of eight are automatically saved? Being saved without the ability to make our own choices was Lucifer's plan which everyone who was born rejected. Does God know his children well enough from pre-earth life that he knows some don't need to be tested at all knowing they would choose to follow him no matter what? How could t
  4. Say something interesting.
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