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  1. I had quite a shock the other day. Across the street from us are long-time neighbors of my wife's family -- well over thirty years of neighborliness. As a recent add-on to my wife, I'm relatively unfamiliar with our neighbors. These particular neighbors live in a house a bit larger than ours, but still relatively moderate in size and value. The husband just passed away a few days ago, from cancer. Not long before, when I was expressing concern for their financial condition due to his illness, my wife said there was no reason to worry for them. Though as merely a retired electronics engineer and a nurse they are thus not plutocrats, through wise investing over the years they have a steady income of something like $40,000 per month. Upon hearing this, my well-toothed jaw dropped to the floor -- metaphorically speaking! This was followed by a very unaccustomed emotion: jealousy. And immediately thereafter came shame. I'm still marveling over this. I have sometimes wondered in the past if the worked-up state some people get into about some other person's supposed immense wealth has this same shameful root. I'm now thinking it might very well be the case.
  2. But unfortunately, not very short.
  3. I've talked @Stargazer into following you there.
  4. Twitter is a madhouse. Makes this place look like the height of rationality.
  5. I don't believe it rises to the level of a "commandment". After all, violations of actual commandments (i.e. Ten Commandments) can typically lead to loss of membership at the extreme end. The instructions in the Handbook specifically exclude violations of the WoW as grounds for a membership council. WoW observance is more along the lines of what might be called a voluntary covenant. One that one must keep in order to be considered a member in good standing.
  6. I am one of Stargazer's publicly acknowledged sockpuppets. I exist in order to make playful banter with Stargazer. Also used to unofficially test problems with the site on different browsers.

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