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  1. I've talked @Stargazer into following you there.
  2. Twitter is a madhouse. Makes this place look like the height of rationality.
  3. I don't believe it rises to the level of a "commandment". After all, violations of actual commandments (i.e. Ten Commandments) can typically lead to loss of membership at the extreme end. The instructions in the Handbook specifically exclude violations of the WoW as grounds for a membership council. WoW observance is more along the lines of what might be called a voluntary covenant. One that one must keep in order to be considered a member in good standing.
  4. I am one of Stargazer's publicly acknowledged sockpuppets. I exist in order to make playful banter with Stargazer. Also used to unofficially test problems with the site on different browsers.

  5. I can see the video. It's uploaded to Facebook, perhaps that is the problem for you? I think it's on one of the London Mission's Facenbook page. Try this: https://www.facebook.com/ChurchofJesusChristinLondon
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