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    With regards to religious beliefs and the study thereof I do not believe in reading the critic's view, I believe that my position should be based in the beliefs of the religion itself compared and contrasted with what I as an individual believe, followed by prayer.

    I find it difficult to understand how religions that do not believe in revelation can believe in an individual having a spiritual epiphany as to the correctness of their beliefs, it seems to me that such would needs be defined as personal revelation.

    I used to engage in a lot of religious discussion on a few other forums years ago. I find that I enjoy learning about most religions and religious views as well as correcting errors that others have of what we, the LDS, believe and sometimes sharing my personal beliefs. The issue that I ran into was that many who want to discuss religion with us, or really any religion, tend towards an attack and not so much discussion. I fall into this from time to time myself. As long as the discussion is "spirited" and not heated I enjoy such. I do not believe that heated discussion of any topic is ever inspired by the Lord. However, a "spirited" debate or discussion is what I believe many of Christ's interaction with his critics were and does not exclude the spirit and are thus acceptable.

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