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  1. I do support it if it discourages abortions at 26 weeks. …wait, are you fine with those then?
  2. You think that’s evil, you should see an abortion at 26 weeks…
  3. Keep instances of risk of health to mother, rape/incest, and non viability outside the womb (as most pro life supporters do). In our fallen world, I would even reluctantly support allowances for termination under 12 weeks (like every other western nation). Can we agree all the other ones are bad?
  4. Will do. In the meantime, stop using the very rare exception to justify the vast rule: terminating unwanted babies at one’s convenience
  5. At least Supreme Court justices are going to have a much easier time defining what a woman is now despite not having a degree in biology.
  6. Oh, so you were hoping the faithful to give a response you weren’t expecting?
  7. The whole thread is a troll…it’s what happy and content people do 🙄
  8. This. Been hearing it since I was a wee lad just getting his start on this board…20 years ago. Any day now the church will crumble into oblivion…any day now.
  9. What I’m getting at is that I fear the metaverse, and other forms of virtual reality will give people a form of satisfaction and fulfillment that can be found within the realm of active religious participation. My wife is in a few LDS women’s groups on Facebook or whatever platform, and there’s more than a few (small majority?) of just complaining about how their husbands are just not motivated to be active or engaged in much of anything, to say nothing of the church. Videogames are usually mentioned in every post. I suspect porn is another one that nobody likes to admit. It seems like the “historical reasons” cited for people leaving the church and other groups, is playing a small part compared to the immense distractions that are available. I think it’s why politics is so toxic as well. People find “saviors” in politicians (on both sides). There’s just other outlets now as opposed to religion, except the alternatives aren’t good for the body or mind…mass psychosis.
  10. So you could beat up Ben Shapiro… Could you beat up Joe Rogan though? 👀
  11. You know, maybe this is an interesting topic for another thread, but I’d like to hear if you have any thoughts on it: The Metaverse. I’ve been listening to commentary on it the last couple days, and it’s not only concerning, but down right frightening. I think our fate as a society lies more in line with “entertaining ourselves to death” than with any other.
  12. 33% is a hell of a drug
  13. Because saying “just my opinion” isn’t “weaselly” in this instance. It was a polite way of telling someone what everyone else is thinking: they’re lying, or at the very least stretching the truth. Just my opinion of course.
  14. I like Bull Maher’s line, “I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s true” In this case: “I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s not true”
  15. You think the statement is true?
  16. Bold is absolutely fascinating…I’ve said for years the church has a bright future in Africa. Also…you’re in Zimbabwe? Edit to ask: any chance those remarks are recorded or a text available somewhere? Would be interesting to read.
  17. Eh, I’ve heard of that. Pretty sure most of the accounts of the lengths LDS youth were willing to go in order to keep the “spirit of the law” are urban legends. There was a far more crass and crude legend that went around the oil fields when I was still in that demonstrated how far LDS women were willing to go in order to satisfy the sexual needs of their partners, while still maintaining their “chastity”. I wouldn’t put too much confidence in them.
  18. 4th century CE: St. Gregory of Nazianzus (circa 329 - circa 390) commented in Orat., XL, 23 that infants dying without baptism "will neither be admitted by the just judge to the glory of Heaven nor condemned to suffer punishment, since, though unsealed [by baptism], they are not wicked." This was the common view of the early Church Fathers. Pope St. Siricius insisted on the baptism of infants as well as adults lest "each one of them on leaving the world, loses both [eternal] life and the kingdom." 2 5th century CE: St. Augustine of Hippo (354 - 430) convinced the Council of Carthage (418 CE) to reject the concept of limbo "of any place...in which children who pass out of this life unbaptized live in happiness." According to the Catholic Encyclopedia: "St. Augustine and the African Fathers believed that unbaptized infants share in the common positive misery of the damned, and the very most that St. Augustine concedes is that their punishment is the mildest of all."
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