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Joseph Smith Polygamy


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If anyone looked back in church history dealing with Polygamy, there was only three-percent of the membership who indulged in this practice.

I think "indulged" is the wrong word. "Indulged" puts an incorrect flavor to the situation.

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At this site you can find a free e-book written by BY's wife #19 that is very interesting.

According to her, any girl who was half attractive was pressured from the earliest age to be a 'new' wife - even to 11 years old if I remember rightly.

According to John D. Lee, in "Mormonism Unveiled", it was common for young women - I say that loosely, because by our standards today we would consider them girls not even mature enough for their first kiss. Anyway, he relates an interesting story about a Bishop who cut off the testicles of a young womans fiance and nailed them to the schoolhouse as an example to the rest of the Mormons who would dare to defy the 'Priesthood Authority' to demand what they wanted in their vile lusts.

Anyone who tells you it isn't so is either lieing to you or really niave.

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Hello Again:

Rollo Tomasi also wrote earlier here:

But we know that at least two of JS's polyandrous wives stated they were married to JS "for time and eternity" -- Mary Elizabeth Lightner and Patty Sessions. And a third polyandrous wife, Sylvia Sessions, told her daughter she was the daughter of JS (many scholars take this to mean "biological daughter" and seeing the picture of the adult Josephine I tend to agree), which certainly implies sexual relations typical of a "for time" marriage. You might be right that some polyandrous sealings were treated as "for eternity" only, but I think others were "for time and eternity."

Excellent Point here Rollo Tomasi about Sylvia Sessions, and here daughter Josephine. I notice also that the adult Photo of Josephine pretty much resembles that of Joseph Smith. Plus preliminary DNA evidence looks promising, but not conclusive yet, that Joseph Smith was indeed the bioligical Father of Josephine.

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Hello Rollo Tomasi,

I stand corrected.  I confused the two sons -- I knew one's parentage was in dispute, and assumed it was the second son (since Zina was 7 months pregnant with the first son when she married Joseph, I didn't even consider that JS was the father of the first son).  I had read some months ago that the Jacobs family had received DNA confirmation that Zebulon was Henry's son, not Joseph's (they were actually disappointed that the Prophet was not their ancestor).

That is absolutely O.K. Rollo Tomasi. There is No Problem here Rollo. Where some of the descendents of Henry Jacobs disappointed that Joseph Smith's was Not their ancestor. I thought that only mostly the very Anti-Mormon People truly believed that Joseph Smith was Zebulon's biological son. I don't consider you Rollo of being that much of an Anti-Mormon. Anyway, I am glad that the DNA Evidence definitely proved that Henry Jacobs was indeed that biological father of Zebulon instead of Joseph Smith. I never believed anyway that Joseph Smith was the biological father of Zebulon. I am glad that DNA Evidence in this case has proved that Henry Jacobs is indeed the biological father of Zebulon, and put this thing to rest.

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I anxiously await the other DNA testing to be done. If we had to admit a child as Joseph's it wouldn't be bad. But I see no need to admit to any of the rumored children based on historical rumor mongering alone. I know Josephine Lyon's claimed her mother Sylvia Sessions told her she was a daughter of Joseph Smith. Whether she made it up, misunderstood spiritual adoption as a biological claim, or had correctly understood her mother we can't say. The testing if it was firm would eliminate or confirm the biological claim once & for all. Now if the test result leaves it in the realm of the possible then it will lead to more repitition of the claim.



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