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New Alexandrian Library


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It's long seemed to me that we (the adherents of the many religious traditions) would be better off if we talked to each other, found out what other faiths actually believed and if they had anything to teach us, rather than simply sniping at each other, calling each other "cults" (a religion I don't like) or "pagani" (country dwellers--colloquially "hicks") and treating each other as if they were some kind of threat.

It seems there is a group that agrees with me and has gathered the resources to do something about it. Ground has been broken on the New Alexandrian Library, an attempt to "collect...materials from all religious traditions focusing on their mystical and the spiritual writings. Like the original Alexandrian Library in ancient Egypt, it will be an interfaith crossroads."

Personally, I'd like to be involved in the project, but Georgia is too far away right now. I know Latter-Day Saints have a lot to contribute to the wider spiritual community, and I have little doubt that we could learn something useful as well.

Yours under the gathering oaks,

Nathair /|\

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