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Does the Bible teach that God inspires lies?

Rob Bowman

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I've done a fair amount of work on my reply to your comments above, and on the other issues you raised. In order to do these matters justice, it will be next week before I post again here.

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I just found out about the major changes coming to this discussion board and the elimination of this "pundits" forum. I'm going to have to spend some time going through various threads and making copies of various posts I need to save before they might be eliminated. Also, I would like to do a good, thorough job of researching the biblical passages you cited before commenting on them further. Therefore, you can expect that it will be some time before I am ready to continue that discussion. I will be working on those issues and will try to communicate with you about them when I am ready, whether that is here at MADB or elsewhere.

Thanks for understanding.

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Mike Heiser has some writings on this topic. He says, " God does use deception. Some of you no doubt will want to define lying so that it includes deception, but that is not only unwise, it puts you (and God) in a theological pickle."



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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