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H. M. Marquardt, _The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papers_

Brent Metcalfe

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Hi folks,

For those who missed out on H. Michael Marquardt's original publication of the BoAbr collection, his book has been reprinted by Utah Lighthouse Ministry (to order the reprint, see here). (Note: As I understand it, the transcriptions were actually created by Jerald Tanner, not Mike.)

I'm confident that both Brian Hauglid's project and mine will substantively refine and correct Mike's publication, but his remains a marked contribution in the history of BoAbr interpretation.

Kind regards,




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Coincidentally, Marquardt just happened to drop in at the Church History Library last Friday morning while John Gee and I were visiting with the Joseph Smith Papyri. I didn't get a chance to say hello. If I had, I would have informed him that, considering what they (he and Jerald Tanner) had to work with, their transcriptions of the Egyptian documents were remarkably accurate. Are there mistakes and omissions? Yes. But, all in all, I think what they achieved is worthy of hearty commendation.

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I thought I'd bump this thread with a recommendation for all who have a serious interest in the topic of the origins of the Book of Abraham to avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase Marquardt's book. While not perfect, I believe the transcriptions are wholly adequate to commence a serious study of the topic.

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