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Polygamy Doctrine = Not In The Bible


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I Lied. The thread is not dead.

You grew up in the same area I did and yet, you inform me that polygamy is all but a hallowed and welcomed marital model in your very similar neck of the woods.

I just re read a certain part of this thread where a poster offered a lovely quote out of the Journal of Discourses where, way back in the very days of polygamy, President Young was addressing a general, uh, problematic sentiment of polygamy among his saints. Let me just say here before you read what Brigham Young said that I'll try not to crow too loudly. Polygamy was and is still a thorn in the church's side. Back then, and presently.

**whispering** **** ah doodle doo


Not quite sure that proves your point. When polygamy was first introduced, many had difficulty accepting it at first, which the quote makes clear. No one is denying that. But eventually it was accepted and embraced. I'm not sure how that quote makes it an always was always is always will be problem for saints. You are far overstepping what Brigham is saying.

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