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an ancient farewell address.


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In King Benjamin's Speech as an Ancient Farewell Address, Jon Welch cites the work of Dr. William Curz, biblical scholar. http://www.marquette.edu/theology/faculty/...iamKurzSJ.shtml

The following are the features of an ancient farewell dress, taken from Welch's paper, verbatum.

1)The summons. The speaker calls his successors and followers together so they can receive his last instructions.

2)The speaker's own mission or example. A description of the speaker's life and calling is followed by a commandment that his followers should do as he has done.

3)Innocence and discharge of duty. The speaker declares that he has done his best and has fulfilled his obligations. He has accomplished what he intended to do and cannot be held liable for his people's actions in the future.

4) Impending death. The announcement of the speaker's impending death reveals no fear of death. Rather, the speaker shows courage and an acceptance of his fate. Sometimes he commends his soul to God or the gods.

5)Exhortation. The listeners are encouraged to remember the teachings that the speaker has given previously and to obey the commands that he will give during his address. The people are also counseled to have courage during times of trial or difficulty. Exhortations help to solidify the lessons of the past and provide comfort for the future

6) Warnings and final injunctions. Warnings about disobedience and its consequences are given. There may also be warnings concerning false teachers who will try to lead the people astray. Commandments and final instructions, designed to aid the people, accompany these warnings.

7) Blessings. The speaker usually pronounces or promises blessings in conjunction with his warnings and final instructions.

:PFarewell gestures. While the speaker may make some gesture to bid farewell, as seen especially in the Greco-Roman literature, only one of the twelve biblical addresses cited by Kurz mentions a farewell gesture. That instance occurs when Paul knelt down and prayed with the disciples at the end of his speech, after which the disciples fell on his neck and kissed him (see Acts 20:36

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This is fascinating, of course, but what can you say, her amun? Of course, I see the template in King Benjamin's speech. But of course, I am a a believer. So I guess I don't have much credibility because of that.

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