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    I greatly enjoy psychology. <br /><br />I have a difficult time with cognitive claims. I believe their studies show behaviors, verbal written or otherwise overtly and directly observed. This does not imply that the results are somehow in error, it implies that the ficticious explanation of the results through some appeal to internal unobserved phenomena are unsubstantiated.<br /><br />I greatly enjoy reading, mainly sci-fi/fantasy or scholarly works. <br /><br />My favorite sci-fi/fantasy authors are as follows (in no particular order):<br /><br />L.E. Modesitt<br />Terry Goodkind<br />Terry Brooks<br />R.A. Salvatore<br />Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman (I think they suffer when separated)<br />Tolkein<br />Robert Jordan<br />C.S. Friedman<br />Garth Nix<br /><br />The list could go on, but I'll stop there.<br /><br />I love American Football. If I could have remained young and played the sport forever I would have.<br /><br />I particularly enjoy the study of non-Biblical religion. I would be a Taoist if the LDS Church were not true.
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