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  1. As a man I do not worry that a woman might want to rape me because I could probably fight one off of me if one tried, but I am still on guard that someone may want to rob or assault me. Maybe we're all worried about being attacked, just for different reasons.
  2. I'm impressed that you keep notes like you do going back to 2017. And I'm sad that you two haven't resolved this yet. Maybe we can all work this out right now. @bluebell, which words would you like men to stop using, which gestures, what tone? What type of staring and pointing do you think is uncomfortable to women? I do not condone any type of lewd behavior so I think I can understand why women don't either. I suppose I also understand why women would not want any man staring at them, but I see a difference between staring and being so mesmerized by true beauty that a man really can not look away, also unaware that his gaze is being interpreted as staring. I'm pretty much at the point where I really don't look at anyone in public anymore. No hello. No wave. No "how are you doing?" I'm pretty much just looking at where I am going while trying to move out of the way of other people going wherever they are going, with me buying whatever I need and going back home to my family. I do look at people in movies and "TV" shows but those people are likely clueless if I am looking at them.
  3. When everyone in that collective we knows.
  4. I don't limit modesty to how many inches of skin are showing. How much skin a person reveals is only an indicator of how much modesty a person is showing, at best. A modest amount is in the medium or midrange, not too much and not too little
  5. That's why we should want good people to be the ones with power, rather than the alternative. But even a good ruler would need to punish people for bad behavior and those being punished would likely not like being punished. A good ruler will reward good behavior and punish or limit other people's power for bad behavior. Which is good if the Way is a good way and the best way, even if others don't desire to do things in that Way. And just think about this for a minute. Do you really believe our Lord Jesus Christ has no power to rule over others, nor should he have? He does have power. More power than most people realize.
  6. I've seriously considered this approach and what that might look like, and feel like. Just smiling when I am around women wearing bikinis at the beach while not even considering how those half naked bodies would look better to me with some more clothes on them? No cough or hint of suggestion from me or anyone else that maybe they should consider wearing some more clothes? Just a smile of appreciation for what is to be seen? Thinking all of that was okay and even wonderful? I'm just having some trouble adopting that mindset and I am not totally sure why. But what if I did somehow manage to adopt that mindset? And what if everyone else did too? Would that mean there would be nobody left on this planet to praise and advise others about the virtue of modesty? Would everyone instead say others should wear whatever they want to wear and be okay with getting as much attention as they can get? Should everyone think a string bikini is even better than a regular bikini because it shows even more of a woman's body? Where would we draw the line in regard to what is okay to wear and what should not be worn, at least not in public? Or should there be no line?
  7. I think the issue is very complex. Women want to be attractive for men, and men want to be attractive for women, and sometimes one doesn't know or realize they can go over the top in public. Consider a teenage YW who is just naturally very attractive regardless of what she wears, whether modest or immodest. Now imagine her Dad seeing her in cut-off jeans and a low-cut T-shirt, just being herself, natural, innocent, wanting to be attractive to boys her age with the Dad then saying something like" Whoa there, daughter! That is a bit too much (meaning it isn't enough clothing) and then "advising" her that she should consider wearing something else, something more modest, and less revealing. And then what? Does his daughter take his "advice" or does she try to shut him down, ridiculing him or his morals or intent? The Dad is a man who was once a YM and he knows better than her about how YM will find her attractive. And what does the Mom say? Does she agree with her husband's "advice" or does she try to shut her husband down, too, giving him the impression that he should just keep his opinion to himself?
  8. Are a man's forearms comparable to a woman's cleavage, ya think? Or can a man's chest be as provocative as a woman's? Maybe women should let men know they would rather see them keep their shirts buttoned up, when in public. Feel free to share whatever you think.
  9. It's futile. My wife says I am attractive and enticing to her regardless of what I wear. And I like how I am. But you can still share your opinion regardless of what you think for as long as you want to.
  10. There is no "requiring" going on here. The man referenced in the OP was not "requiring" women to dress a particular way. He merely shared his thoughts and feelings about some women's wardrobe choices. And everyone who read what he said is free to agree or disagree with his opinion. He is not requiring anyone to accept his opinion. He's just putting it out there for people to read and consider. In America we are free to share what we think.
  11. I do exercise proper control when I am with women who are enticing or attractive to me. And I would never try to force any woman to change her clothing. I would tell a woman how I thought she looked if I felt like it, though.
  12. Any damage done by me saying something that is not correct is only that I am saying something that is not correct. Nobody here is required to believe me or anyone else who is sharing what they think. Perhaps I did overstate my point. I will now retract my statement and try to be more true to my thoughts and feelings. I don't know if what a woman wears makes her enticing to a rapist. A woman's wardrobe choice may not make any difference at all to a rapist. I am not a rapist and have no real idea how a rapist thinks. I will say that a woman's wardrobe choice can make her more enticing to me, though. I would never consider raping a woman, regardless of what she wears or does not wear. But I have noticed how some wardrobe choices make women attractive to men.
  13. People who say rape is about violence against woman rather than about the clothes a woman wears are of course correct. Rape is a violent act. Rape is not a wardrobe choice. A wardrobe choice can make a woman more enticing as in more attractive, though.
  14. If any man (or woman) addresses any comment to all people in general wherever they may be while they have the ability to respond to that comment, then that man (or woman) should EXPECT to get some responses from various types of people. Some who respond will say they agree, and some who respond will say they do not agree. And some who do not agree may use some pejorative term(s) regarding the comment and the man (or woman) who made that comment. We are a world of people with varied opinions and all of us will never agree on any issue. Some people will think a comment is intended to be in the best interest of others while some other people will think that comment was stupid and should have never been uttered.
  15. Power is 1. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality. 2. the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
  16. We say we won't be punished for Adam's transgression because we know our Lord took care of that for us. If our Lord did not and never did take care of that transgression then we would all suffer the same fate as Adam and Eve would have without an atonement. As of now, and as of the day of our Lord's atonement, we are only going to be punished for any wrongdoing we do that we do not repent from. Our Lord can't make right any wrong we continue to do. I'm open to believing you understand this issue as well as anyone in the Catholic church. I know a lot about a Protestant church called the Church of Christ because I was once a member and minister in that church. We usually learn more as we live.
  17. Hmm. I thought I was seeing that maybe we have something in common with the Catholic church there. Intent, or something. Maybe not. This new insight you gained and were talking about in previous posts. Can you expand on what you now see more clearly that you did not see as well before? Maybe Catholics consider baptism more essential to salvation than we do? They seem to believe baptism is so vital to salvation than even little children will not be saved unless they are baptized. We say they are okay until they are 8 years old.
  18. Is it accurate, you ask. Well, I think many of those facts may be correct, but I see a lot of speculation and negatively biased opinion. I think the Church marketing or advertising reps were targeting everyone in the world using various methods, including those Reid labels as a "niche" market. I believe the Church reps still want to persuade everyone to believe that being a member of the Church is good with many good benefits, rather than only one niche market as Reid seems to believe. We do say some things differently now than we did in the past, but I think we still want the same thing for everybody. We invite everyone in the world to join us and become a member like us. We have never targeted only one class or group of people. We want everybody with us. No, I don't agree with him. Some specific group of people may have became members of the Church because of a Church marketing strategy, but I believe the majority of people who became members did so because they felt the Spirit of God testify to them that the Church is what it claims to be. And the Spirit of God moves wherever the Spirit of God wants to move. The Spirit of God is not controlled or handled based on any Church marketing strategy. No, I don't think that is a fair or accurate assessment, and the reason why I don't think so is because my attitude and perspective is not so negative. I believe most members of the Church have received a firm and certain testimony from God assuring them that the Church is what it claims to be. I know there are some lukewarm members and many who struggle, and many who don't know as much as I know, but I am sure most members of the Church have the strength of testimony they need to inspire them to want to remain with the Church. I don't think the Church reps responsible for marketing and advertising have any problem repeating what they have said or advised others to say before. If it is good to say something once it is usually also good to say it again. Not sure, but maybe by "providentially" he meant inspired by God and by "fitted for its prosperity" he meant suitable for its prosperous success, so maybe: which also happens to be inspired by God to be suitable for its prosperous success.
  19. Great. Now all we need here is a member of the Catholic church to explain why their church baptizes little children. I think maybe they think little children will not be redeemed by our Savior unless they are baptized, because they are still also under the curse of the fall just as we were before we were baptized. I think Catholic church members have good intentions and just don't realize our Savior redeems little children without any need for them to be baptized, not until our Lord later holds them accountable for any sins they commit. After little children grow older and reach the age of accountability. They don't know or believe that doesn't happen until children become 8 years old. We likely wouldn't know either unless the Lord had told us when that time comes.
  20. I would have bore my testimony on that subject if I had attended my last Sacrament meeting in person. I'm still doing the Zoom thing. Anyway I was thinking about this question as I listened to the people who were bearing their testimony and I hoped somebody would touch on that point. The "how" part of what we know. Some of them may have explained how they know what they know in their own way, without specifically explaining the process, but I was hoping for a more direct and detailed explanation. And I would have explained it myself if I had been there in person. Anyway, maybe next time, or sometime soon. I know how I know what I know but I like to hear other people explain how they know what they know. Most people seem to just want to tell us what they know without explaining the how part.
  21. Forrest Gump. Last Night. Again. Now I want some more Bubba Gump shrimp.
  22. Each government official has one of those, a political ideology, as well as a political party they align with. Even people who are not government officials have one of those.
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