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    Well... My entire reason for [being] is education. Not so much that of teaching [a specific topic/point] as it is [how to convey knowledge] of [any topic] So many people are self-destructive For reasons of what they were taught or otherwise. Politics are uniquely hostile. Within such, there are things [We believe to be true] as do they... And there are things that [Are actually, factually, provably true] The latter really not on the grounds of faith - but one is presented with two options. To fight for the children of humanity Or to just... [not] Im of the opinion that [fighting] is at least more interesting than doing nothing. An [Example of Success] is at least constructive (by example) to just"not" is at most destructive... and at least... quite boring Niche is often quoted having said "god is dead" Few have read far enough to realize that the [Idea] of [God] being abandoned, means the end of (at least one) purpose. He was saying essentially "Ok, no God? So then what is your reason for living without him? Im listening..."
  2. So, first- Begging your pardon, This is a difficult topic to even explain. Feel free to think of this as a philosophical exercise, and with zero intent to provoke... However there exists rare people whom are... "incapable of faith" however believe the philosophy behind... [The Gospel] to be... [mostly accurate] (like 90%+) We advocate for your rights, and agree with your perspective on 'just about everything' However... its difficult for us to explain our true selves. What might you say to ones such as us?
  3. I have an opinion on this: Thats pretty much - Give someone the freedom to be who they are wherever. Alcohol may be against The Word of Wisdom, but frankly... Theres worse things not to abide, especially for one whom has not adopted the teachings... Intent is more important than practice. I personally would rather if the worst kind of junkie were to sober up for church on sunday, even if he sits in the back, doing nothing. I wouldnt want to force him to do anything. One must be inspired to change, not shamed into it. (in my opinion)
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