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  1. Hi Everyone, Going to make an introduction post sometime. This information is out there. Let me post some links. "A Brief Comparison of the Community of Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church)" (2013): (PDF) Cof C LDS--Quick Reference 24 Jan 2013 | Steven Shields - Academia.edu CofC Prophet-President Steve Veazey on Mormon Stories: 590-592: Stephen M. Veazey, Prophet-President of Community of Christ (Formerly RLDS Church) - Mormon Stories "LDS Misconceptions about Community of Christ" by Retire BYU Professor Richard G. Moore: LDS-Misconceptions.pdf (ensignpeakfoundation.org) I'm also in the know that Casey Paul Griffiths from BYU and Andrew Bolton (retired CofC Apostle) are editing an interfaith dialogue book that they hope to be out in 2022. While people connect at historical functions, BYU has created an interfaith dialogue group between Latter-day Saints and CofC. The people from that group split up some topics that they are going to write about. Official BYU Interfaith Dialogue Page page: Community of Christ & Latter-day Saint Dialogue (byu.edu)
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