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  1. I say let people leave how they want. If they want to make noise, so be it. If they want to go quietly into the night, also okay. This isn't about leaving a church (especially if your born into it). This is leaving your people/tribe. it is much harder to disassociate yourself from your culture. Removing oneself from perceived "toxic" parents is not unique to the Church (warranted or not). Be careful not to get stuck in the stereotypical reasons of why people leave. If someone is leaving and is not seeking advice/input, don't offer it, thats my rule.
  2. Not tracking your logic here. If his power to translate ancient documents came from God and only through God, he could simply say, "I have not been moved by the spirit to translate these." By attempting to translate them, he is trying to show that he can translate without the assistance of the Spirit. Unless he is unable to discern the influence of the spirit...
  3. This is a gross simplification of complicated issue. Bishop's and Stake Presidents (even other leaders above) are in a brotherhood. There is a high likelihood that they will circle the wagons. It is not uncommon when issues get the attention of the public. If i was a victim to some form of abuse form my bishop, the stake president is not necessarily the next person i would talk to. If I was a woman, I would be even more hesitant to talk. The quote above is a perfect example of how the church fits for those that are the "in" group.
  4. Not trying to be smart about it. I just tire of the "boogeyman." I frequented the black bloc style for my games of capture the flag that also turned into toilet papering friends houses.
  5. I can't answer all of your questions, but my spouse did transfer from BYU when we got married. She was an English major, did not take many religion classes because she knew she was going to transfer. The difficulty is probably no t unique to BYU, but what she was told by her (prominent) Public University was that it is difficult for University's and the colleges that issue the degrees to know how classes from other schools are taught and if they address the requirements of this new school. If there is a history of students transferring between schools, it makes the process a bit easier. My wife was probably one of a handful that ever transferred between BYU and this University. SHe was given credit hours but had to retake most of the 100 and 200 level classes. She began her studies at a community college (1 year), went to BYU for 1 year, and then finished up that this other university. BYU accepted 50% the Community College credits, the public University accepted them all (it was common to transfer from the Community College to the University). Interesting side note, she and her friends all swear that the community college classes were the best education and had the highest standards.
  6. Grandstanding your opposition to the"system" is a risky move. I feel for BYU students who are in the final semesters of their education and are stuck between "authenticity" and graduation. The easy solution is to transfer if you find it difficult to live the Honor Code. The real struggle is that transferring BYU credits is very difficult and is often unsuccessful. I feel for the students, though my sympathy/empathy is lessened by grandstanding. The person in the OP was minutes/hours from living the life she wants, patience is truly a virtue.
  7. Black Bloc... and it is not new nor unique to ANTIFA
  8. I will be leading a discussion on bias and fairness tomorrow, so i know what you are going through. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Thank you California Boy, hearing your story is impactful to this conversation. Companionship and intimacy (all forms) play such crucial roles in our human experience. We are all wired differently, and we have our own needs that need to be fulfilled, and it isn't a bad thing if the sexual component is a major part of that. I for one would not want to go through this life without my partner and I hope all others who desire a relationship will successfully find that person for them. This may be in poor taste, but I am a bit skeptical of these "social media" stars that leverage a "unique" aspect of their life for recognition. I think it was the comedian Carrot Top that convinced Shaun White (a famous snowboarder) to cut his hair (both are/were well known for their long red hair). Carrot Top still has his and feels trapped by it. It is part of his identity. The same goes for the "Tattooed Mormon." When you build your brand/livelihood off of your 'uniqueness,' it is harder to walk away/change perspective. In the OP, I believe this person is being genuine in what they hope to accomplish by sharing their story, but it adds even more complexity to a difficult situation. Marriage, in general, is difficult to navigate, now you have a public aspect of it that shines the spotlight on you.
  10. I could not disagree with this more. "Wokeness" is a lazy caricature. That "disease" you list above is not unique to any group of people, it is purely a tool to marginalize the groups and/or people who are outspoken about their adverse situations. The Cambridge dictionary defines it: a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality I guess I am woke then, or maybe I just suffer from the disease of "wokeness." Antifa is just the latest boogeyman. Would Helmuth Huebner be considered an early member of antifa "movement"?
  11. I could not disagree with this more. "Wokeness" is a lazy caricature. That "disease" you list above is not unique to any group of people, it is purely a tool to marginalize the groups and/or people who are outspoken about their adverse situations. The Cambridge dictionary defines it: a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality I guess I am woke then, or maybe I just suffer from the disease of "wokeness." Antifa is just the latest boogeyman. Would Helmuth Huebner be considered an early member of antifa "movement"?
  12. Why is being "woke" a bad thing? I view it as an understandable and agreeable position, similar to being "antifa" (I would think that most of the world would agree fascism is not a good idea). In the current state of the world, there is no guarantee of equal outcomes or equal opportunities. In every nation and culture in the world, there is an imbalance of power. If you don't recognize that, you are probably in the circle of "power/privilege." This does not mean you are actively pushing this or exploiting it, but you don't have the negative experiences that others in your community face. I would say that up until 1978, the three kingdoms are/were problematic.
  13. I will not judge if he is a good man or not, but he lost a ton of credibility. When he speaks, his position and power differential have meaning and influence over his audience. I guess I just expect more from someone in his position. His talk was very childish and in poor taste. But that is just me.
  14. I don't think you are being dismissive. But let's be honest, the line of thinking that started this thread is not only worried about Church dances. Numerous posters have expressed the "slippery slope" mentality. Members of the church and other conservative churches are concerned about current trends that contradict their narratives. They are losing control of the messaging when it comes to society. Now, the messaging from the other side can be equally as damaging, especially when it is used as a tool to make a point. But there should be a middle ground, and that is where I hope churches can find themselves. I just tend to fall into the less conservative mindset at this stage in my life. If two boys want to dance at a church dance, and they feel comfortable about doing so, that actually shows progress in life and society. The only reason people care or are uncomfortable with it, is that we are taught to feel that way from a young age. Culture is hard to change, but it can and must be done.
  15. I guess I just don't view this as the same situation for LGBTQ+ members are faced with. The lack of fish in the pond at this time is not the same as no license to fish, ever. I honestly can't imagine living life and not being able to pursue a fulfilling relationship with someone I love. If I suddenly became single now, I would still be able to have hope to find my next love, even if it never happens, a hope that our LGBTQ+ neighbors/friends/family will never have, according to current teachings and doctrine.
  16. yes, for that individual. But what about those that don't believe that? Should the one accepting the teachings be in control of the choices of those that don't?
  17. This is just another thread that once again showcases that if you are a straight white male, there is a good chance that the Church works for you. Why do most of you even pretend to understand what LGTQ+ people experience or even believe that you and the church know what is best for them? I could not envision a fulfilled life without my partner, to whom I am sexually, intellectually, and emotionally attracted. In what world, in what relationship, is encouraging others not to find their "person" because it contradicts the words on a page, the words of a stranger, the ideal path? It is easy to identify the value in these "rules" if they don't really impact your life. There is a constant fear that is ever-growing that conservative values are under attack. Well, the flip side is true, what if these conservative values negatively impact others, which they tend to do. Stop worrying about others' personal choices and start worrying about treating your fellow man with respect and dignity, allow them to dance with whomever they want to dance with. Watching two men dance does not change my chemistry.
  18. I know who owns it, and it is not surprising that they have such a vast readership, but that does not mean anything. I personally have never been impressed by their writing and find it lacking. if you track their readership, there are some very informative correlations.
  19. Is The Epoch Times a good source of information on this topic? Asking for a friend.
  20. A large group of medical professionals have issued an open letter to Spotify requesting that they remove the Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Malone episode(s), the letter contains many links to fact check the claims and claimed misinformation: https://spotifyopenletter.wordpress.com/2022/01/10/an-open-letter-to-spotify/ And an APNews article digging in a bit deeper: https://apnews.com/article/coronavirus-pandemic-science-health-joe-rogan-ap-fact-check-a87b1044c6256968dcc33886a36c949f The "I'm just asking questions..." strategy is becoming a force be reckoned with.
  21. I wish i could say i chose this avatar because it is the actual hero of my favorite childhood movie, Home Alone, but is a play on my name, and i kind of stuck. It also forces me to face my fears, someone in the family has to run towards danger (a spider in the house)!
  22. Maybe it is just my personality, but I don't want to be praised or people to call me blessed. I do like having a positive impact on those around me, a mere "Thank you" is usually enough. All these words and verses just look like the way royals, leaders and dictators are treated. As a father myself, I don;'t seek praise or thanks from my children, but I do and will always shower them with praise and thanks for living their own lives in a way to bring about love, peace and positive change to the world around them. I just hope that the parts of me that are good are shared with them, and they make them better and expand upon them. My kids living a good life, whatever that means, is thanks enough for me.
  23. I really hate this idea that God the Father is sitting on a throne and people worship Him. I am a father, and that is the last thing I would like my children to do. I would hope that God would expect us to be busily engaged in doing good, not worshipping Him. And I understand that our positive actions can be a sign of worship, but that is definitely not what that sentence implies with the words used.
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