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  1. No, they apply. I agreed that they apply. If I had not created an account to post on this board then they would not apply to me, but I did, so they do, which is why I can post now. I know you have. I think you're one of the main ones leading this cancel culture experience of me on this board. But I still like you and I may still have some more I want to say to you so I am still keeping my options open for now.
  2. What would be your answer? What if a Muslim thinks God is telling (him?/her?)to murder you because you are an infidel? The fact that a Muslim thinks it is not proof that God has said it.
  3. Not necessarily, though. Could be just a realization that not everybody does things the right way or even in a good way.
  4. Are you still trying to figure out who you should believe? Believe what God tells you. Not what other people say God has told them. It still amazes me that some people still don't seem to understand that not everybody is always telling the truth. And yet God always is, and always will. .
  5. Because I still have more I want to say. I'll stop when I have had enough of you people.
  6. Just think about it logically with good reasoning. Think about what God told Joseph Smith about how many had a form of godliness but denied the power thereof, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men while their hearts were not drawn out to him. "They draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.” Think about what true worship is and how concepts of God are either true or not true and how true worship of God involves only the truth about him. Some people don't even know who or what God is and yet they claim to be worshipping him. Think about how true worship involves adoration as well as emulation as those who worship endeavor to become like the person or object they worship. It's rarely 100% true worship or 100% false worship as people try to worship God as he is or they are. Many if not most people have false concepts of God as well as true concepts of God. I was simply contrasting true worship vs false worship and what each form of worship involves.
  7. No I am not, have not, and will not. I don't ever automatically agree to anything.
  8. When worship isn't correct it is false worship, as shown by logic and reasoning. Whatever isn't correct is false. I know other churches have some elements or fragments of truth as well as false elements or elements, whatever those are, but still whatever isn'r true and correct is false and incorrect. I was in another church too, which was a false one, before I found the true church of Jesus Christ, and I know other people have come from a false one to the one and only true one too, but that doesn't change anything about how false and incorrect that false church was and still is and how that church will always be a false one instead of the one and only true one. But yes I do give them credit for the truth they have and may yet discover.
  9. Better to know God isn't that stupid than to just not think God is.
  10. No, anyone who can think rationally and logically can conclude there must be a supreme kind of being, even if they don't know which kind of being is it. Everyone just needs to keep searching until they figure out that our kind of being is it.
  11. Yes, no fool can override what God has said and only a fool would try.
  12. I acknowledge the board rules are the rules on this board but I have never said I would never violate a board rule while I post here, which may happen and has happened from time to time. And the I that is me has never been banned. Only an account I've used. Try to understand that, Calm, or whatever other real name you have ever been known by, whether you gave that name to yourself or someone else gave it to you. The I that is me is not and never has been Ahab. That was a name for an account that I used.
  13. There has never been anything false about anything I have said, at least not by my understanding. Others have disagreed with me, sure, many times, but I don't say anything I believe is false. So I count what you just said as another false accusation.
  14. I have had several accounts on this board because the board Nemesis has banned all of my previous accounts and the I that moves me still has more for me to say on this board. It's never been about whether others agree with me. There isn't anyone who posts on this board who everybody agrees with all of the time. We all post here because we all have something we each want to say, regardless of whether or not the board Nemesis likes what we say.
  15. It's one thing to know others are not worshipping God as they should worship him, which is correctly and properly, and it's another thing to go with them and do it wrong like they are doing it wrong. I empathize with them for not wanting to do anything wrong.
  16. With God as the person we trust for our knowledge of what is true and what isn't we have a totally foolproof way to know what is true and what isn't. People often disagree with each other but God has never disagreed with himself or our Lord or the Holy Ghost. So now you have at least been told how to know what is true and what isn't, regardless of whoever may disagree.
  17. None. Unless you're counting all accounts I have ever had. I have only ever had one active account at a time, with no other account active (not banned) at the same time. And I have been posting here since this was a FAIR board. Probably near a dozen accounts.
  18. Give what a rest? Me sharing my thoughts and feelings with other people? No, I will never stop doing that, although I will someday stop doing that on this website/
  19. You are entitled to your opinion every bit as much as I am entitled to mine, whether you are right or wrong. I would just like you to be able to know whether you are right or you are wrong, because if you don't know either way, how would you ever know? I know a lot of things that some other people don't know. Can you relate at all on any level? I know the gospel is true, for example, because our Father has told me the gospel is true. I hope someday you will; know that as well as I do.
  20. I like to imagine people of other churches inviting me to worship with them as they worship in whatever way that they like to worship. And I also like to imagine me being totally honest with them as I tell them why I would not do it. No, I would like to say, because you are not doing it right. You have no priesthood and therefore your ordinances are not being done correctly. I think you should come with me to see how to worship God correctly. We can explain it all to you. Come with me. Come and see.
  21. If you want to understand the reasons your family members responded the way they did it would be a good idea for you to ask them. I can offer a little bit of insight for some possible reasons that would not mean they are jerks, though. They might have thought the members of that other church are doing it wrong... worshipping incorrectly, teaching false ideas, setting bad examples for others, doing what they should not do... while feeling it was not their place to try to correct them. Think of Alma and Amulek being invited to go worship with the Zoramites, to worship as they worshipped on their rameumptum. Not invited to teach them how to worship correctly, but to worship with them in the way that they worshipped. Not to teach them, but to join with them in doing the bad things they were doing and in the same way that they what they should not have done. I'm sure those Zoramites would not have appreciated Alma & Amulek telling them they were doing it wrong. Those Zoramites would have probably thought Alma and Amulek were engaging in unacceptable behavior. Worshipping God is something people should do correctly if they are going to do it at all. Otherwise it is false worship or the worship of a false God and that is not what we should be doing.
  22. I am struggling to understand what equal rights is all about. What would it be like if everyone treated everyone else equally? Would it mean treating everyone without any real concern for them? Or treating everyone as if everyone is the most important or valued person in each of our lives? If everyone treated everyone else equally poorly that would be treating everyone equally. I think what some people really want is royal treatment, to be treated as if they are somehow better than anyone else. I know that's not equal treatment, but I think that is what a lot of people would like. I also think many people don't really want an equal distribution of this world's wealth. I think most people want to be rich, even if the poor make up the majority of the population.
  23. I was thinking of you as the woman who was expressing how you felt and what you thought in your post. Here it is again as I read it: Anything on this topic that includes "what about whites?" is just never going to work. It doesn't matter how logical the question is or how reasonably it is meant or how unfair any white person thinks it is. You will always get pushback until you can remove the "what about whites?" from the discussion. You have to heal the hurt before you can come at the topic with logic or reason. And there is no way to heal the hurt when the group who caused/is causing it keeps trying to interject themselves into the conversation. As I read what you wrote again just now I noticed youi didn't even use the word spouse, or a husband/wife situation. You were just talking about how you feel and think hurt must be resolved first before reason and logic are allowed by the one who is hurt to enter the picture. And I have noticed in my own experiences with women how you are not the only woman who feels and thinks what you were expressing. My own wife has commented on how I am usually very quick to forgive, as if I can just turn a switch on and off, while she needs more time to adjust her thoughts and feelings.
  24. Only two Churches here too...
  25. It is wise for a man to learn how a woman thinks in an attempt to understand her thought processes. @bluebell gave an example that illustrated how a woman feels and thinks after she has been hurt by a man by what she perceives as some type of abuse. She said the woman feels the need to be the one in charge of deciding when that hurt has been healed, not the man. And that hurt will continue for her until she decides or determines that hurt has been healed, regardless of what the man does or says to try to atone for the hurt that he caused her. Reasoning with her is not the solution. Asking her to forgive may not and probably will not result in automatic instant forgiveness at the moment the man asks to be forgiven. She alone will decide when and if that hurt has been healed and there is no guarantee that someday she will totally forgive that man for the hurt she believe he caused her, or actually did cause her if he actually did hurt her. The mind of a woman is a wonder to behold, and things can get very complicated at times, but women are usually worth it, in my opinion. Every man should have at least one as a wife, I believe. As hard as it may be to live with them at times, I would not want to live my life without mine.
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