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  1. Hi AtlanticMike, I noticed the same trend on exmormon. As an "exMormon" myself, I thought I'd go tell my Mormon story on that sub. I have a lot of things I'd like to share openly that I've shared with very few people. However, I still remain a very conservative Christian and it is clear I would not be welcome there. I've had my story typed out about 5 different times over the past few years but never commit to sharing it. My experience is very different as I married someone who's entire family was LDS though she wasn't and I was an atheist. I converted shortly after marriage as she s
  2. Welcome to Mormon Dialogue & Discussion Board. 
    Some things you should know.

    *You can only start topics in the Social Hall.  This is to introduce yourself and to get a feel for the board and it’s members.

    *You can reply and participate in any thread on the board. 

    *You cannot use the messenger system till you have over 25 posts.

    * You cannot edit your post till after 25 posts.  

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