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  1. You didn't answer the question. Before Helen Keller met Anne Sullivan, could she taste, touch, and smell?
  2. Before Helen Keller met Anne Sullivan, should she taste, touch, or smell?
  3. The only secret combination anyone will ever need is: Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B A, [start]
  4. Back in the days when I went to the Temple, most of the men on screen had beards. When I was a BYU it was a running joke that the BYU honor code (especially re: beards) was more strict than temple requirements.
  5. You sure about that? To put it mildly, your family sound like a bunch of jerks too. What does that have to do with the Church? I know *many* gay LDS whose families treat them as they always have. Sure, it is an adjustment for everyone, but don't blame your families' bad actions on the Church. They own it. It is 100% on them. Yep. And some of the people who I grew up with refuse to talk to me for being exmormon. This is a *them* problem. Blaming the Church gets them off the hook for being jerks. And why was BYU graduation the best place to do this? I'm sure he enjoyed the likes and retweets. And I'm sure he's enjoying the attention from the SLT opinion piece. Are you sure? Because the theology of the Church says that man/woman relationships are the only ones acceptable to God. You and I may disagree with that. But the Church has the right to define its theology and what it means. Would it be acceptable for someone to use a Liberty University graduation to announce themselves as atheist? Or perhaps to disavow evangelicanlism in favor of Orthodoxy? No. It would be profoundly inappropriate and disrespectful of the audience. No it isn't. So instead of trying to impose our own beliefs on the Church, let's just leave the Church alone. I made the choice. You made the choice. Others can make that same choice. It is infantile to continue to blame the Church for 1) our own hangups and 2) the bad behavior of others.
  6. I left the Church due to gay marriage. But Easton is a a selfish jerk. He turned his opportunity to inform and uplift the entire BYU graduating class -- and their families -- into a selfish narcissistic "look at me!" moment. People had travelled thousands of miles to attend this event. And instead of hearing about how a BYU education has prepared graduates for the future, they got to listen to someone selfishly use a moment that was *special for everyone in attendance* into a self-centered proclamation about being gay. Seriously, aren't these absurd public coming out events getting a little old and passe? I know lots and lots of gay mormons. And not one has used any type of Church meeting -- let alone BYU graduation! -- to "come out." LIke who cares these days? If you are gay you are gay. I thought "coming out" went out of fashion 10 years ago. Gay people fought a long time for equality but this twit is still acting like he's some persecuted minority. Give me a break. White gay men are some of the most privileged, highly-educated, and successful. And let's be really frank. Easton will leave the Church within 5 years.
  7. If you disagree, then please provide a rationale. Because you present a world of only phenomenon. This is an untenable position -- as Kant argues in several tomes. This is false. Postmodern thought is certainly not based on Kantian metaphysics. LOL
  8. My dog knows the difference between hot and cold. Wet and dry. An electron is "aware" of 1) its own electrical charge and 2) the charge of other electrons.
  9. No. And this is what Mark sometimes fails to account for. As Kant would put it: noumenon are things as they are. Phenomenon are things as human perceives them. Noumenon are entirely independent of cognition. But phenomena (abstractions) exist as a means to describe perception of noumenon.
  10. Life and death are simply abstractions for a specific binary state. Binary states exist without human cognition and language.
  11. Absolutely not. Death was revealed and defined by God in the Garden of Eden. If human beings didn't exist, death would still exist. Many concepts and phenomenon are independent of human sentience.
  12. Indeed. And I certainly don't mean to imply that there was some great gulf between Nelson and Hinckley. I agree with this. I think what stands out to me most about President Hinckley's talk was the "warning" against impeding nations going to (justified and righteous) war. At that time there were protests at BYU and I think a student left BYU (rather than waste both his and BYU's time with an honor code process) after being arrested at a protest in SLC. My impression at the time was that President Hinckley was referring -- at least in part -- to contemporary anti-war protests.
  13. Interesting point. Isaiah also points out several times that the LORD is over all and loves all nations. A much different tone than can be found in Joshua or Judges.
  14. As I reflect on the many General Conference talks I listened to as a member, there are a handful that remain fresh in my mind, even today. One of these talks was given by President Nelson in October of 2002. It is entitled "Blessed are the Peacemakers" and was given just as the US was ratcheting up public discourse about invading Iraq. One reason this talk resonated with me is because I was struggling with which side of the debate I was on. My impression was that President Nelson gave this talk in response to the pro-war sentiment that had been growing since 9/11. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2002/10/blessed-are-the-peacemakers?lang=eng And: The tone of President Nelson's talk was a bit different from the talk given by President Hinckley in 2003: "War and Peace". https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2003/04/war-and-peace?lang=eng At the time it seemed to me that President Nelson and President Hinckley were presenting slightly different views. And IIRC, the Church released a statement affirming that both men were actually in full agreement. I can't seem to find this statement but I think it is fair to say that some were left with the impression that President Hinckley was a bit more hawkish than President Nelson. This discussion played out in Elder's quorum as well. Pro-war folks quoted President Hinckley and anti-war folks offered up President Nelson. President Hinckley was trusting of our political leadership and stated: And: At the time I ultimately ended up on the pro-war side and was behind the Iraq invasion and occupation. I deeply regret this now. But I don't want to sound pollyanish. Sometimes defensive war is necessary. I understand and accept this. In any case, this raises a couple of questions for me: 1. Does anyone else remember President Nelson's talk? If so, how did it impact you at the time? 2. Can a nation implement a Christian foreign policy in reality? Can nations realistically "turn the other cheek?" Or is it a simple fact that nation states will always be in some type of conflict and response to this conflict is always required. Reflecting on the past 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I see how wise and truly prophetic President Nelson's talk was.
  15. Was the BOM dictated to Joseph? My understanding is that he read characters off of the plates. Or perhaps he read an english representation of the plate characters. Are there any claims that the BoM was dictated to JS? The historical record seems to indicate that JS dictate the BoM based on the revelation he received via the seer stone.
  16. I hope this piece of garbage spends the rest of his life in prison.
  17. Unvaccinated adults 50+ are 17x more likely to die than vaxxed counterparts https://www.foxla.com/news/unvaccinated-adults-50-are-17x-more-likely-to-die-than-vaxxed-counterparts
  18. But in fact, I am a fan or yours. I just miss your previous lucid posting style.
  19. They should be vaccinated then, no? If an unvaccinated person gets severely ill, that's 100% on them. PSA: If you are worried about others not being vaccinated, then get vaccinated yourself. If you do: A) You won't get Covid (yay vaccines!!!) or B) Will get Covid but be sick for a few days (yay vaccines!!)
  20. Mark can correct me if I'm wrong. But I recall him saying that he's been using this software for a while. And if you compare his old posts to his new posts, the difference is pretty clear. Today's posts are like bullet points with no cohesive language between thoughts. Whereas before, Mark's writing was pretty lucid and eloquent.
  21. I've never understood the compulsion to create a narrative around how the BoM was created. The Book stands or falls on its own claims. And I think there is more than enough information in the Book itself to conclude it is a product of the 19th century.
  22. Please stop using voice-to-text software and use your keyboard. Your posts are almost unbearable to read these days and it is very difficult to follow your train of thought.
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