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  1. I remember when Communism was going to do this. Same story, different players.
  2. I don't know. I understand the logic. There's a large dating pool in Utah.
  3. This is how I have personally viewed the passage as well.
  4. I've always found this to be a very interesting/funny part of LDS Church culture. Joseph Smith said that he taught correct principles and let the people govern themselves. But it seems that sometimes Members are looking for some very specific guidance. And as someone who hasn't been a member for many years now, it is hard to imagine a grown adult man, looking to other grown adult men to decide if he should get snipped or not.
  5. I fully agree. I've been a casual observer of DezNat for a year or so. Maybe a bit longer. And my impression is that the ideas being expressed are becoming more and more radical. And quite frankly, very fascistic - as in the actual definition of fascism and not the pop-definition which conflates the word with dictatorship. For a long time, I just saw them as being edgy to counter Mormon progressive histrionics on Twitter. But no longer. Someone I know many years ago is very active on Twitter. I just happened across his account one day and was appalled at the openly anti-semitic
  6. Do you have any evidence to support this belief?
  7. I think this is a wonderful message. I've known more than a few really good LDS dudes in their 30s or 40s still "waiting" for life to start with marriage. Refusing job, educational, and other opportunities that would take them out of Utah etc. We are merely human. We can't control everything. The best thing is to live a meaningful productive life and whatever comes to us will come.
  8. There are enough Latter-day Saints with the means to bridge that gap if asked. Hell, even I'd chip in some $$.
  9. It has been years since I've delved into this topic. Not sure I knew that Levi Hancock preformed the marriage. Did Oliver know that Fanny and Joseph had been married at the time when he referred to the "filthy affair?" Or was he out of Joseph's circle at that time?
  10. Doesn't the D&C say that besides Jesus, Joseph Smith has done more for the salvation of man? Even when I was a believer I thought that was a bit over-the-top.
  11. If a college/university/church cannot survive without fed money, it shouldn't exist. So if these smaller schools can't survive, that's unfortunate. But I would rather see the Church drop its non-profit status rather than be compelled to change its doctrine because of tax policies set by an increasingly partisan federal government. I supported the push for gay marriage because I am a liberal. I oppose pressuring religious institutions to change their practices/theology because I am a liberal. It is sad to see the folks who were crying for freedom a decade ago now become the (wannabe)
  12. Thank you for providing this additional context. In particular the detail of the about Cowdery. But you raise an interesting point about Joseph viewing Elias as title. Clearly, he did. I think our little exchange here demonstrates a meta point. Ultimately, we have to make a choice about what we believe. Clearly, each of us cane make reasonable and coherent points and counterpoints about this particular question. At one point in my life I was under the delusion that "reason" or "faith" compelled us to adopt certain beliefs and views. But these days, I'm convinced that reason and fa
  13. I understand the point you are making and I think it is a good one. However, in this case where it is primarily a matter of different bible versions using Elijah vs Elias (and as they are Hebrew/Greek equivalents), I am still inclined to think that Joseph Smith not knowing, or simply misspeaking is the simplest explanation.
  14. I admit I was caught up as well. Initially I was a bit unsure about the vaccine but once the solid data started coming out of Israel, I dropped my previous skepticism.
  15. I'm a former member and have no personal interest in any view of the Book of Mormon. Historical, inspired, or otherwise. However, I don't think any of the counter-theories for creation of the book are very persuasive. Others have described Joseph Smith as a religious genius. And I agree with this view. He had an incredible memory and the ability to synthesize ideas from wildly different sources into a self-consistent theology. And, Section 27 is another great example of this skill. Note that both Elias and Elijah are mentioned. Problem is that Elias is the same person as Elijah. I kn
  16. I always viewed the SLC Temple as more than just a working temple. It is where the Twelve and FP meet, it has a Holy of Holies, the works. Of course, there are no theological or doctrinal reason to believe it should be or remain this way. But my sentimentality makes me a bit sad that the Temple will be changed so significantly.
  17. It is merely a sign that the Lord will not destroy Provo by flood.
  18. I would even say higher than that. I've known folks top 10 in their HS class who didn't get in.
  19. That's exactly what I was thinking. In my BYU days, I understood the acceptance rate as very very low. I'm not sure exactly where I heard that but I know it was mentioned in at least a couple of firesides. 70% acceptance is pretty pathetic. Certainly not the rate of a top-tier University. For comparison: Ohio State at 54% - https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/ohio-state-6883 University of Florida at 36% - https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/university-of-florida-1535/applying University of Utah at 62% - https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/university-of-utah-3
  20. After my grandmother died I had an opportunity to read her patriarchal blessing. She was promised that she would live to see the second coming. I really really struggled with that.
  21. Did you forget you are posting on a Mormon board? Where people mostly believe in the Bible? You may not believe it, but others do. Learn to cope.
  22. Ugh. Such a bore, I'm putting on ignore. You remind me of several Utahan members I've encountered in my time.
  23. I think this is perfectly reasonable. I remember having discussions about papal authority and tracing it back to Jesus. I left the Church some time ago. And I can certainly relate to the experience of your acquaintance about the loss of community. Although I do not understand this leading to antipathy. Fortunately, our family has joined another religious community that is wonderful. But there is nothing quite LDS communities in my view.
  24. Ok. I hope you feel comfortable with that decision. I'm cool with it. Meh. Stop board nannying.
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