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  1. I think the old Catholic Church was right about minor keys being (dis)harmony of the Devil.
  2. It is unfortunate that Justice Alito made these comments. He should save his opinions for his assent or dissent on any given case. Speaking out in general terms makes me wonder if he should recuse himself from future cases. He is, by his own admission, not objective. And our justices should be objective.
  3. My lawyer expertise is based on watching many seasons of Law and Order. . But if I were her defense attorney, I would go all-in on the insanity. On the other hand, Chad Daybell seems "normal", relative to her. Will be interesting to see how things play out.
  4. This is the part that confuses me. She doesn't seem like a psychopath who commits murder just for fun. Somehow she justifies her behavior based on whatever delusions she embraces. I'd like to think that if I ever start wondering if my own kids are "zombies", I'd seek some professional help. She shows absolutely no self-awareness that she lives in an altered reality.
  5. I guess for me, I can't understand how a person would believe their own children are "Zombies" without being severely mentally ill. But as you point out, I suppose she did act rationally within the insane view she had of the world.
  6. My general impression is that this woman is severely mentally ill and needs to be in a hospital for long-term treatment. I don't see many examples of her acting in a rational or reasonable way. But I guess it isn't necessarily one or the other. You can be severely mentally ill and act with malice. This whole situation is just awful.
  7. I think we are talking past one another. But I do understand your POV.
  8. I understand the sentiment, but I have a very pragmatic streak. For example, I have long been an opponent of US military engagement across the world. But no matter who's been president, the wars get bigger and longer. We bomb Lybia etc... Then all of a sudden, Trump comes into power, moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, negotiates peace between Israel and her neighbors, and refuses to escalate military engagements. I'll take an immoral Trump who achieves peace over Jimmy Carter (a wonderful man) any day.
  9. Responses like this genuinely baffle me. Many countries in the EU are in much worse shape than we are. That isn't to say that the US response has been particularly good. But rather, that I don't think many countries have done things very well when it comes to handling Covid. And the jobs are gone because of the lockdowns required to fight the Pandemic, no? So aren't you putting Trump in a double bind? Also, the Q3 GDP numbers are in. Largest growth in US history. I get it, Trump is an immoral boor. But it seems like people lose all sense of objectivity when they look at the
  10. I am pleased that Senator Lee compared Captain Moroni to a great US president.
  11. I disagree. Churchill was a drunk and a racist. Eisenhower had mistresses. Many great men are deeply flawed. Personal failings have nothing to do with effective political leadership.
  12. Meh. Normalized relationships between Israel and her neighbors. Appointed 3 conservative justices to SCOTUS. No new wars. Actual reduction in force in places we've been buried for years. Trump is all of the nasty things people say he is. But he's also a consequential leader.
  13. I'm pleased that Senator Lee chose to speak truth to the Saints. IMO, as a people we have been far too weak in our support of the President.
  14. I've noticed this as well. The key seems to be religious practice, and not just belief on its own. "Faith without works" is dead kind of thing.
  15. Isn't the whole point of this thread that ex-mo's have an obvious double standard when it comes to abuse cases among their own? LHP is a perfect example of that. Exmos have a huge hypocrisy problem because if this had been a Mormon, we would never hear the end of it. I mean, they are still harping on that perv Stake Pres (?) who videotaped women in changing rooms. Poster removed.
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