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  1. I'm so grateful for my lovely wife! For more than 20 years she suffered the debilitating effects of serious depression. She attempted suicide a couple of times and was hospitalized many times. Through the loving kindness and personal, one on one ministering over the course many years and ultimately through the atonement of Jesus Christ, she has been healed. The transformation was slow in the beginning but once the light came back on, the healing process picked up speed. I loved who she was when we were married 41 years ago. I think we've witnessed a small glimpse of the miracle of the resurrec
  2. I hesitated a little bit about sharing this because it's so personal but decided to go ahead. Several years ago after a long and faithful life my mom spent the last couple of days in hospice. Our oldest daughter and her family came to be with her Grandma. After they came out of my mom's room my daughter and I visited a bit. Among other things, she asked me very casually if I happened to know the guy who was standing at the head of grandma's bed. I had been there all day and had visited with everyone who went in and came out, but I never saw who she was describing, and they were the only ones i
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