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  1. 1. No. 2. Not doing that, but your claims that I am are well taken. 3. Of course I can appreciate that. If you don't want to interact with me, then by all means, please refrain from posting speculation about me in the future. Now, about that hostility you are harboring......
  2. I cannot remove them. I don't have enough street cred yet. Can you tag a mod? I'll happily redact and repost within the rules.
  3. So your questions are really assertions in which you beg me to stop sharing my story? If this doesn’t give away your actual motives, I don’t know what does. You don’t actually want to know the truth; rather you just want me to be silent because my truth is inconvenient for yours.
  4. Yes. That is with me. Giving proof like everyone asked for. I’ll redact in the future.
  5. Watching someone self-implode and prove my points without really having to do anything at all but discuss something on a discussion board is always enlightening. It also tells me that you may have some deeply rooted animosity of your own. Hope you can get control of that, eh?
  6. Someone did a search for his contact info for me when I could not find the info myself. These emails are what they provided me with. No one could find a contact number for Bennett. This information is not published or accessible anywhere. At least, not for me it wasn’t.
  7. We own two houses. He pays for one and I pay for the other. The church paid for the mortgage of the home he lives in, as well as the car he drives. He has the children less than 30% of the time, but if you wanted to research this fully—you would see that on various dating sites, he claims he has 50/50 custody, which is untrue. The mortgage I pay for is actually 2.5 times the mortgage he pays for. This arrangement was court ordered until the final division of property and assets occurs. (Which still has not happened since the divorce is still ongoing). My salary is 1/5 of hi
  8. Yes I appreciate this. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to engage. Yes I am willing to publish these things. I will have to redact identifying information of course and I am still in the middle of my divorce. But I certainly will get these files ready and will share as soon as I possibly am permitted to.
  9. Yes. I thank you for the question. Can you clarify what part of my claims do you want evidence of? Evidence: I have emails and texts from unethical abusive Bishop to me stating the things I have said above. Follow up emails to the Stake President about abusive Bishop, many of which went unanswered and/or ignored. I have a recording of the abusive Bishop defaming me to a complete stranger. Sharing what I would deem confidential information as a bishop with literally a person who walked into the church off the street. I also have two other women’s testimonies of him saying/do
  10. If I’ve gone above and beyond in sharing “my side” why all the speculation about me and my side on this thread? And in case you didn’t see the news clip, the church refused to offer a comment. I also have a few hours of documented conversations as well as several emails attempting to discuss this with: my local bishop (male), my local stake president (male), my local area authority (male)—who I emailed several times at all of the emails I was provided NOT by my local leaders but by another person who was able to find some possible contact info for him, the fraud department
  11. I mean, name calling is the lowest form of refutation. I think you would know that now with how many posts you seem to spend your time on engaging in this arena, no? Again: How about you ask me a question and I will answer it? If I’m vicious, angry, scorned, and whatever else you’ve labeled me with during your hours of (uniformed) conclusions, you should jump at the chance to prove yourself right. I also must say that it’s a tired thing I see all too often: Men touting they have all the answers, but then when challenged, they become so uncomfortable with the impli
  12. What I said was through the course of my investigation, I was contacted by a journalist. I’m confused at to how you seem to be taking this any different. I won’t reveal where I went to or everyone I spoke to in order investigate the mechanisms for ensuring responsible stewardship of church finances (or in this case—irresponsible stewardship) but I will say that it was during the course of this investigation that a reporter reached out to me in order to learn more about the situation. I have very clearly stated; Ask me anything—to which smac has refused this offer— seemingly
  13. Hmmm interesting that you have no interest in interacting with me now that I am here; but there are 10 pages of discussion posts by YOU repeating the same ill-informed and recklessly drawn conclusions as nauseam about me and my situation. So I ask: why wouldn’t you want a chance to ask me anything after you have taken a vast (and honestly disturbingly creepy) amount of time to post numerous discussions speculating about, well, ME!? If I may offer one conclusion; your propensity to doubt the woman, blame her, shame her, and discredit her outside of any other facts illustrate
  14. I must say I’ve never had such entertainment reading 10 pages of a thread about myself. So let’s do this: I am an open book and you can ask me anything. Instead of speculating which you have on this entire thread assuming things that are very very far from reality just ask me and I will answer them if I can. I am STILL in the middle of a divorce that won’t end, going on 3 1/2 years now. (A fact that you have challenged against my credibility in this arena.) I’ll start addressing some of the main points that have been brought up here. First the new story. In my own investigat
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