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  1. Hi, Last night I had a very interesting dream, hadn't remembered any for awhile, I invited everyone in the ward to bring things from there home that they didn't need or want, and they could take what they wanted, like a big swat meet, in my back yard, but I wasn't living here, I live in an apartment complex. I believe it was telling me about the united order, I woke up and wrote it down, I regret not writing them down, you do forget them. does any body else here have these same feelings, I feel its coming soon. SJ
  2. since he was no longer sitting up front where the bishop and counselors sit, to me that was obvious, and some one had to take his place, the parents had to see that, and he was voted in , Im sure they raised there arm to vote new bishop in, who are they tying to fool, they didn't know he wasn't a Bishop any more is hog wash, and they dont have to tell every one in the ward he was exed, but that kind of stuff gets around. Just saying
  3. Our ward hasn't taken sacrament yet, because if they had I would have gotten an e mail , not going to church feels very weird, how long was church out during the Spanish flue I wonder. Deos any body know?
  4. Iv been watching a live stream on You Tube of earth quakes, he shows where the plates are moving ,hes real good at explaining how all that works, earth quakes, volcanos, I believe it has increased
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